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React native app development

Build apps for multiple platforms, multiple devices powered by single underlying application layer leveraging everything you could with a native platform - without compromising! Our app developers utilise right architectural guidelines to create clean and highly maintainable architectures.

Native + React native development

Restricted by something you can’t do on React native? Don’t worry, our developers can write your app partially in react native and seamlessly fuse it with a native counterpart to build the impossible. That way, your app still remains maintainable and you only use native development for what’s absolutely not possible within React native’s ecosystem.

App modernization and Integration

Be it your app’s architecture or to enhance how your app performs in low network conditions - we take each upgrade and integration very seriously. Each upgradation starts with a regression strategy that assess impact on your already existing services and maps out to how well your architecture could perform after upgradation.

"Reactive" React native

Real world is event driven, and so should be your react native apps! Get the capability within your app to be able to handle unpredictable interactions with functional reactive programming as the core of your application. There are hundreds of ways to achieve them, our experts here will help you with identifying the right one and incorporating them within your application.


Is React native for you?

Our technology architects will help assessing your business use case, identify potential risks and explore the value of React native as a technology stack for you. Any risks will be pre-identified and eliminated.

TDD and Agile development

Engineering shouldn’t be subjective, and the same goes for your code quality. When TDD is meshed with Agile, you get not only sprints, but sprints with high quality code. Each and every sprint results into a perfect score for a code bundle.

Focus on features, not multiple platforms

While our developers work on churning out high performing codebase, you could focus more on features that work for your application. Faster iteration supported by hot reloading instantly that directly shows the results instantly.

Ship faster with React native

One codebase, one responsibility allows you to easily scale on multiple platforms. With this, you work with a concise team that ships faster as they only have to work and maintain a single database.

Recent customer successes

Leading sales enablement platform uses mobility and cloud to gain larger market share

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Michael Regas
Senior Manager, Accent Technologies Inc
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Using sensor technology and mobility we helped Push realize their vision of F1 like trackside technology

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Todd Berk
Co-Founder, PUSH Inc.
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Learn how we are disrupting the therapeutic industry by digitizing user’s real-life journey

“Learn how we are disrupting the therapeutic industry by digitizing user’s real-life journey
“They have been responsive, engaging and flexible throughout the project. The engineering team built a solid foundation for our app and adapted as inevitable changes ensued. I would welcome working with Simform on future projects. Read More

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Sourcebits LLC
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