Serverless app development services to help you reduce operational complexity

Digitalization and migrating to a cloud system with serverless infrastructure often involves risk in processing data management. We don’t want that for you! Serverless development and consulting services enable you with best-in-class technology to create stable, secure, and reliable solutions.

serverless app development consulting

Our Serverless app

With automatic scalability and reduced operational costs , you can transform your development model to build futuristic applications that cater to user expectations better than ever!

Serverless architecture integration

Allow your development teams to focus on product development by integrating Serverless architecture on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform with Simform!

With our expert consulting services you can prepare a quality strategy for integrating Serverless network designs and scale up your application architecture with continuous monitoring and reporting.

Serverless architecture integration
Serverless API gateway

Serverless API gateway

Simform enables you to build intuitive APIs that serve as a communication layer between the frontend and the Serverless logic layer without deploying load balancers.

With our extensive experience in working with AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway we help you build a performant and cost-effective API network for your application.

Serverless storage management

With Simform, you can leverage efficient and durable Serverless storage infrastructures with a simple interface that can scale on-demand with multi-platform compatibility and support.

Our Serverless experts help you choose the right storage services after careful evaluation of how your development teams leverage data and limitations to its usage that ensures a serverless ecosystem that perfectly suits your business goals.

Serverless storage management
Design FAAS applications

Design FaaS applications

Simplify code development, testing, and deployment in the cloud and introduce agility and scalability to your development model with our extensive FaaS application design consulting services.

We work with you to develop readily deployable Serverless codes that save programming runtime by computing complex interactions between the API and cloud storage layers.

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Why Simform?

With our expert Serverless app development consultation, you can prepare a robust plan of action to adopt the Serverless architecture as part of your development ecosystem. By leveraging various services provided by AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, we enable you to build 100% scalable applications to improve your business value.

eminent expertise

Eminent expertise

No technology, methodology, and domain is alien to our in-house subject matter experts. It means you get top-notch digital products with your business logic ingrained in them.

unmatched quality

Unmatched quality

‘Good enough’ is never good enough for us. You get magnificent products developed with a pragmatic approach using the best coding practices and comprehensive reviews.

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Your end goals are the metrics of our success. Our battle-tested team will go the extra mile to maximize your ROI and grow your bottomline.

delivery mindset

Delivery mindset

Our top-priority, from the onset, is to meet your requirements. Be it engineering a business solution, or strengthening your team with dedicated devs, we bring untiring commitment to your goals.

Scalable team

Scalable team

Make your business success-ready with an extremely flexible team at your disposal that lets you expand without cutting corners. We are big enough to scale and small enough to care.

Clear communication

Clear communication

Efficient communication with and within teams means no loose ends for you. With language no bar, you are always on the same page with developers.

Simform builds & manages
remote Serverless teams

  • Serverless application Development: Our highly talented and enthusiastic developers can streamline your development process smartly by following cost-saving strategies.
  • Database orchestration: Get extremely proficient coordination between your serverless application, microservices, and the database used.
  • Integration abilities: Our Serverless experts can integrate IoT, AI, ML-based services, and third party libraries with continuous support for your Serverless application development.
  • High security: You get access to strictly enforced Identity and Access Management (IAM) compliance and Cognito authentication of users to privately secure your cloud infrastructure.
  • Guaranteed reliability: Not just security, you will obtain 24/7 maintenance of your Serverless application with dynamic encryption and access control.
  • Flexible engagement model: Create a powerful frontend with reduced bottlenecks by choosing a hiring model that best fits your project requirements to save development cost.

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Serverless is hard. Simform makes it simple!

Delivering the power of Simform’s Serverless app development capabilities and experience to help customers scale their cloud infrastructure. Improve your application agility by extending your team with Serverless developers.

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Flexible, efficient scaling
Expand or reduce your remote team size on demand.

Team of 1000+ engineers
Access vetted experts in the tech stack of your choice.

Long-term predictability
Simform’s average engagement duration is 2 years.


Amazon Web Services(AWS) offers extensive services for such as AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, AWS API Gateway, and more, for building serverless applications. Some of the benefits of using AWS are:- 

  • Lambda supports more programming languages as compared to other serverless architecture providers. 
  • With S3 and DynamoDB, AWS provides complete stateless persistent storage. 
  • There is no maximum limit on adding the number of functions in AWS. 
  • AWS uses a zip deployment format for Lambda/S3. 

Check out our blog post ‘10 AWS Lambda Use Cases to Start Your Serverless Journey’ to know more about it.

More and more organizations are adopting serverless architecture and FaaS for their app development needs. Here is a list of pros and cons that need to be considered before opting for it:- 


  • Improves developer productivity and reduces operational costs. 
  • Development teams can concentrate more on front-end development. 
  • Simplifies DevOps adoption 
  • The pay-per-use model reduces wastage of resources. 


  • No control over the server-side logic. 
  • Possibility of vendor lock-in. 

Although there are many benefits of using the serverless architecture for application development, there are specific types of applications it suits the best:- 

  • If there are a limited number of functions that need to be hosted 
  • If applications need an unpredictable amount of server loads. 
  • If the applications are rapidly changing that need to be scaled to accommodate those changes. 
  • If the applications involve chatbots, different scheduled tasks, incoming data streams, or business logic.

Serverless is an approach that allows developers to build and run applications without managing the basic infrastructure. Although the term suggests development without servers, that’s not how it works. Servers are still required, but they are taken care of by an outside partner and not the development company itself. Since the backend is handled by a third-party, developers can solely focus on the frontend development. The cloud provider is responsible for provisioning, maintaining, and scaling the servers as and when required. 

Read our blog post ‘Serverless Architecture – What It Is? Benefits, Limitations & Use cases’ to know more about it.