Serverless Antipattern

In my entire career as a technology consultant, I’ve observed that design patterns are good folks while anti-patterns are bad folks. And sometimes good folks can turn into bad folks. This happens in software engineering! (Just like Hollywood movies!)

To describe this problem, I’ve a theory of “golden hammer.” Once we learn to use any complex tool, golden hammer in our case, abruptly we see golden nails everywhere! Relatable enough?

And that’s what happening with serverless. Functions are amazing and presumably, they are good guys, cloud architects will use it at every possible occasion. However, I’ve observed many counterproductive patterns which we need to contemplate before we adopt this new model of cloud computing.

This article is a discussion on serverless antipatterns that I have found to be persistent and their probable solutions.

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“What do you recommend, Xbee or LoPy?”

“How far can I communicate?”

“How the deployment would work?”

“What about the line of sight?”

From time and again, I keep getting asked the same questions over emails and meetings. With this blog post I’m open sourcing what I know about “how to select between LoRaWAN or Zigbee?”. Hope you find it helpful, if you still have questions though, feel free to drop me an email listed at the bottom of this blog post. Read More

IoT protocol selection: Long range, short range comparison

Let me start this blog post by assuming that you are familiar with basic understanding of IoT. These IoT devices talk to each other using wireless (most commonly) protocols to exchange information. With this blog post, I will try to highlight almost all of these IoT protocols, what they are, how they work, where they are being used and even their limitations.

At the end of this blog post, you will easily be able to assess and understand any IoT protocol and be at least 80% sure on what IoT protocol would be best for your IoT needs. Read More

Serverless Architecture- the term which has been added to the technology stack, a few years ago, is becoming a common use since the launch of AWS Lambda in 2014.

The evidence is- Raymond Camden, Serverless Developer Advocate quoting that serverless will become ‘less of a hot new thing’ and more of an ‘just another option’ and it is becoming a reality now. One of the main reason is that it provocatively illustrates one of the biggest headaches of the IT industry- server administration. In short, write your code and run your applications without provisioning or managing anything on server side.

But is the sweet reality is good as it is promised?

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Vacation Rental app like Airbnb

There has been a lot of talk about vacation rental niche being oversaturated. But here’s the thing, a giant like Airbnb only has like 10-15% of the vacation rental market with them. This leaves 40-50% of the market left for other startups to disrupt. In fact, this leaves a huge space for another unicorn to disrupt this niche.

Before we go deep into the blog post let me walk through my thoughts behind writing this article. I know that building startups are hard, building tech startups are even harder, and after working with 100s of startups, I just wanted to lower down the tech barrier for startups. No matter what you are trying to rent out with your app, the technology lessons will keep your app performant, and make your customers happy. Read More

unit testing

“Tests are stories we tell the next generation of programmers on a project.” — Roy Osherove

And unit tests are the stories which maintain the software quality from the first line of code. Unit tests weed out defects at an early stage, promotes safe refactoring, comprehensive documentation, improved coupling and fewer regression tests.

In software engineering unit tests are never supposed to “replace” any other form of testing, but to be used together the whole time. Unit testing is a continuous learning process. As it is performed by developers, it is important for them to learn how to unit test, what to unit test and the best practices.

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React Native Ecosystem

I have spoken to nearly a thousand developers and product makers about React native. From what I observed, very few actually knew about the diverse react native ecosystem. I saw so many people working with poor CLIs, outdated and underperforming libraries, etc that I thought “Hey! Why not just write one blog post which will help these people understanding the ecosystem of React Native?”.  Read More

serverless security

While scrolling through news last weekend, I came across the largest-ever cyber attack (DDoS) that hit the popular code hosting website GitHub. It was the distributed denial of service that originated from over a thousand different autonomous systems (ASNs) which peaked at 1.35 Tbps.

This could be you tomorrow. Or me too! With bad actors exploiting our vulnerable systems, at Simform we prepare ourselves with the best exercises to handle whatever comes our way! During our journey towards Serverless Architecture, we’ve found how security in serverless applications is different from the traditional cloud.

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test coverage

In software development life cycle, testing plays an important role in the successful project development. As software testing is a practice used to determine and improve software quality, it must be efficient and organized.

But, how to make testing more efficient? Which are the main areas where testing becomes chaotic and unorganized?

One of the major challenges in testing is whether all possible scenarios and possible test cases are covered for the client’s requirement.

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React native vs ionic for IoS Application development Copy

Here’s the fun “thing” about working in a service industry, you get to play a lot around diverse technologies. That’s real fun! In a blog post before, we took a shot at Xamarin vs Ionic. With this blog post, I will try to differentiate between React Native and Ionic as competing platforms for building non-native apps.

The reason why I am writing this is that we very often get asked – “What platform should I select for my app?”. Though it is for most of the time very specific, we can still lay out(or at least try!) some general guidelines to better decide. As a react native developer that also have extensively worked into Ionic, I think this blog post was long due from my side. Read More

serverless vs containers

You know what? Serverless does include servers in actual and containers do not really contain, they run the microservice. Keeping yourself updated over the landscape of cloud computing is a full-time job, and sometimes we all are asked to make calls that may go against the popular logic.

The latest one of them is the face-off between Serverless vs Containerization. Contrary to the general belief, both of these technologies have good things in common Read More

mobile app testing

Users are fickle.

Critical bugs such as crashes, freezing issues, slow load times, unintuitive navigation and privacy breaches may trigger the user to uninstall your app instantly.

Mobile apps are now an integral part of our daily micro-moments, with people spending an average of 3-4 hours per day. Mobiles apps play a key role for everyone in both professional and personal life. And remember, it’s a highly competitive market if your users uninstall your app they have plenty of options to choose from. Read More