11 Lessons Learned from The Early Adopters of Cloud Migration

Cloud September 9, 2021
Last Updated September 09, 2021
11 Cloud Migration Leassons

Cloud migrations need elaborate planning and strategizing to reap the benefits of cloud-based resources. However, it is not that easy to strategize a cloud migration without enough experience in the cloud landscape. This is where you can learn from industry experts how to strategize, execute and leverage different cloud-based technologies for your migrations. Here, we have discussed 11 such lessons learned from cloud adopters and leaders for your cloud migrations.

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8 Must-haves for Your Cloud Migration Checklist in 2021 [Infographic]

Cloud August 6, 2021
Last Updated August 23, 2021
Cloud Migration Checklist

Cloud migrations are prudent in the age of system modernization. However, the process is a massive undertaking and needs proper planning. There are several facets to cloud migrations that you need to get right for successful ROI. Here, we have created a cloud migration checklist that includes all the major planning, assessment, execution, and validation aspects.

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A QA Manager’s Guide to Software Testing Methodologies

Last Updated August 23, 2021
oftware Testing Methodologies

It was during the cold January of 2016 that Google Nest Smart Thermostat had one of the epic software failures - talk about being unlucky! The incident proves that while the software development process requires meticulous planning, a testing methodology is equally crucial for delivering a quality product. So, what are these software testing methodologies, and what difference does it make to your applications?

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What Are Design Systems And How They Help Building Frontend Architectures

Last Updated August 23, 2021
Design systems preview

Companies struggle to deliver a consistent user experience across the frontend as they scale. Design systems have turned out to be a boon for such teams as they lend coherency to user experiences across frontends. In this article, you'll learn about the variations of design systems employed by organizations worldwide and their specific characteristics.

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Ending Monorepo Vs Polyrepo Debate

Last Updated August 13, 2021
monorepo vs polyrepo preview

Monorepo vs polyrepo is increasingly becoming an ongoing debate among frontend teams. In this article, we take you through the pros and cons of both these approaches. You'll get to know about the use cases suitable for each of these approaches and have a better idea as to which one you should employ.

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How Paypal, Walmart, and Farfetch Leveraged Component Reusability to Scale Frontend

Last Updated September 01, 2021
Preview - Component reusability

Component reusability is one of the common buzzwords in application development, which decides the extent to which a component can be reused within an environment. For starters, it eliminates code duplication, helps maintain consistent structure across different frontends, improves application development efficiency, and makes code testing better.

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Building a Scalable and Maintainable Front-End with Component-Based Architecture

Last Updated September 01, 2021
Preview-Component based architecture

In 2013, Facebook introduced ReactJs and changed the way developers built front-end applications. With its Component-Based Architecture (CBA), developers could divide the application features into smaller pieces and then encapsulate them to form autonomous and independent systems. Over time, using Component-Based Architecture for designing and developing the front-end applications became best practice as development teams realized its benefits.

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Everything You Need to Know About Hiring Node.js Developers

Last Updated August 31, 2021
Preview Hiring Node.js developers

With tech giants like Walmart, LinkedIn, eBay, GoDaddy, and many others adding Node.js to their tech stack and choosing it to build your server-side applications is undoubtedly a wise decision. But have you ever wondered what makes Node.js a preferred choice for 10+ years? Is it the capacity to decrease the average response time that once PayPal achieved with it or the speed and flexibility of the framework that Amazon also experienced?

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