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Working with an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner: What’s in it for You?

AWS has become the preferred choice for businesses looking to tap into the power and flexibility of the cloud. The...

14 Mar, 2024 • 5 mins read

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Digital Product Engineering

Product engineering is our craft. It's what we do and how we think. Learn more about how we integrate design, business, and technology to build great software together.

Building Battle-tested Software Architecture

Building Battle-tested Software Architecture: Lessons from Top Tech Companies

A collection of lessons from top tech companies for evolving software architecture at scale.

Cloud, DevOps, and Data Engineering

There are 3 pillars of digital transformation: Cloud, DevOps, and Data. Master them by learning lesser-known strategies, industry best practices, and lessons from tech giants.

Enterprise Kubernetes Strategy

CTOs Handbook to Build an Enterprise Kubernetes Strategy

Learn from GitHub, Spotify, and other tech superpowers.

Technology Practices

Reliable tech is at the foundation of any successful digital product. Find the best technologies for specific use cases and dig into processes that guarantee results.

Building Scalable Frontend

CTO’s Handbook for Building Scalable Frontend

Lessons from Paypal, Jira, Walmart, and Pipedrive, and more.

News & Insights

Your software is as good as your team. Learn what goes into building a team that best complements your software and business.

How Microservices are Transforming Industries

20+ Ways Microservices are Transforming Industries :Use Cases from Capital One, Facebook, Uber, and more

This eBook talks about the different industries that have adopted microservices and took businesses to the next level through digital transformations.

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