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Cloud application development services

Harness the power of the cloud with expert app development services

Simform empowers organizations with cloud application development services and enhances their transformation journey. Our unique cloud management strategies and industrialized solutions help firms from different domains quickly build, test, and deploy cloud apps. 

Proven Experience in Driving The Paradigm Shift Towards Cloud.

Simform’s cloud-native development services have helped organizations quickly innovate, improvise, and scale to meet market’s changing demands. Our expert cloud architects and developers leverage these PaaS services to offer solutions that include:

  • Microservices- Reduced time-to-market through smaller units of deployment
  • Containers- Enables modular development and deployment through individual containers.
  • Agile Approach- Uses the agile development methodologies to have incremental, iterative deployments. 
  • BDD Expertise- Offering common language tests that help track changes in the system’s behavior and automate testing of business features.

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Why choose Simform for Cloud app development?

  • 11 years of experience in cloud consulting, migrations, and app development with AWS, Azure, and others
  • Hassle-free cloud migrations that offer higher uptime, low-cost operations, and scalability
  • Multi-cloud approach to reduce disasters, avoid disruptions, and enhance availability
  • Developing modular apps that is easy to update and offer complete integrations with third-party services
  • Automation of testing, refactoring of codes, and deployment pipeline.
  • Cloud security is our top priority while delivering higher performance and resilient applications.

Step by step process of developing cloud apps

From knowing what our clients need to the extent of how they can deliver excellent user experiences; our cloud development process covers it all. Simform offers complete cloud application lifecycle development and support. 

Step 1: Requirement Gathering

The digital transformation journey of our clients begins with a discovery phase that involves cloud specialists analyzing current systems, business requirements, and the need for technology. Further, these experts work with your in-house teams to gauge the skill gap, budget, and tools required for cloud-native application development.

cloud app development requirement gathering
Cloud app architecture and design

Step 2: Architecture Audit and Design

Our team of senior-level architects, engineers, and project managers works as an extended team for your organization based on your business-specific requirements. They offer wireframe design for the entire development process, including features, architectures, tools, budget, and details on other aspects. 

Step 3: Development with cutting-edge technologies

Once the architecture and design are ready, our team will leverage cutting-edge cloud-based services from top platform providers to ensure a reliable tech stack for your business. We build, test, and deploy customized cloud-native applications for high-performance operations and integrations to third-party services. The entire process is executed with a modular approach for higher availability, zero downtime, and optimized cost. 

cloud app development technologies
Cloud app testing, and deployment

Step 4: Testing, Deployment, and Re-Architecture

The process of deployments is a continuous one with several iterations. With each iteration, cloud architects and developers at Simform test your applications and, according to the changes in the system’s behavior, re-architecture them for optimal performance. Our engagement with the client does not end with deployment and is a continuous endeavor to the client’s success. 

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Cloud Application Development Service Offerings

Cloud Application development

Cloud App Development

Deliver highly scalable, portable, and flexible cloud apple through top-notch development services from our team. Simform tailor-made cloud-native applications powered by third-party integrations based on innovations like AI, VR, data science, IoT, and many others.

cloud consulting services

Cloud Consulting

Plan your cloud app development, assessments, costing, and architectures with expert cloud consultants. Leverage Simform’s expertise over microservices and containerism for your app architectures. We offer a centralized governance policy for your IT assets, business units, and cloud services.

Cloud migration service

Cloud Migration Services

Strategize your cloud migrations with our cloud architects and ensure higher uptime. Migrating your assets from legacy infrastructure or breaking the vendor lock-in needs a suitable migration strategy. Partner with Simform and focus on the business aspect without worrying about cloud migrations.

Cloud data management solution

Cloud Data Management Solutions

Manage your data with lower disruptions and recovery provisions through cloud data management solutions. Reduce data readiness costs and optimize information processing with cloud-based services. We offer self-healing processes for rectification of data errors and tools to deal with deduplication.

Cloud ERP Solutions

Cloud ERP Solutions

Engineer top-notch cloud ERP solutions that offer integration and automation of business functions. Our software programmers will offer customized ERP solutions based on cloud capabilities that include financial operations, HRM, MRP, CRM, inventory management, SCM, etc.

Cloud native apps

Cloud-Native App Development

We enable clients with high-performance cloud-native apps built on event-driven architecture and microservices. Our serverless solutions leverage platforms like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and GCF for hassle-free cloud-native apps and APIs to seamlessly integrate business logic. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, it is. As a startup or a medium-sized business, it is imperative to make the right decisions early to beat your competition and reach more customers. With the right deployment of technology and practices acting as a growth hack, you will witness a significant improvement in your ROI and a skyrocketing user count.

Every day businesses collect an enormous amount of data from mobile apps, social media, digital clicks, etc., and it provides an insight into the users’ changing expectations. A data analytics services company will examine every aspect of your data and help you,

·        Predict user needs

·        Mitigate real-time security threats

·        Deliver relevant products

·        Personalize customer service

·        Elevate user experience

With a wide range of valuable insights available through various channels, adopting data analytics services can help your business in multiple ways. For instance, you can implement personalized marketing strategies, identify and mitigate risks to your business, streamline operations for your teams to move at a faster pace, and enhance application security. 

The pricing model for consulting services varies for every organization. However, it primarily depends on factors such as the size of an organization, amount of data accumulation, willingness to use AI and ML solutions, the development team’s capacity to master the system, etc. After taking into account all the crucial factors, we prepare a fresh plan of action for your organization. Contact us to get an expert consultation on data and analytics management.

Our cloud application services are comprehensive and offer support at different levels throughout the development lifecycle. The first interaction of our team with you is for analyzing the business needs where we understand your vision and formulate a wireframe of the development process. We support our clients at the planning level, development, and deployment levels. 

Apart from these levels of support, we help our clients with licensing, generating secure policies, customization of tools, and maintenance of the applications. Our team works as an extension of your organization, takes care of the app’s performance, and ensures zero downtime.

Due to the pay-per-use model of cloud computing, there are many ways to optimize costs. Starting with the reduction in unused instances, you can decrease the cost of computing resources. Cloud providers like AWS offer the option of spot instances, reserved instances, and other such features that you can leverage to reduce the cost of computing resources.

Data transfers are also a significant contributor to cloud costs which you can reduce through CDN(Content Delivery Network). There are many cloud providers like AWS and Cloudflare that offer CDNs for minimizing data transfer costs. 

Another way to optimize cloud costs is by ensuring the removal of unwanted files. Cloud architects can configure the rule of data deletion or migration between different types of storage through programming. For example, you can store active data in Azure Blob storage while programing data with frequent access errors stored in Azure Cold Blob storage.

API calls are charged per object, and you can reduce the cost by using batch objects. It helps in decreasing the API access costs. Another optimization that you can induce is by enabling auto-scaling of resources. With auto-scaling, you can save money on slow periods or days when there is lower traffic on your cloud apps. 

The cost of cloud-based applications depends on many different factors like deployment platforms, the volume of data traffic, infrastructure needs, and security measures. Any cloud application development cost will include costs like,

  • Storage costs- It is the cost incurred by the Storage Area Network(SAN) or Network Attached Store(NAS) management and infrastructure support.
  • Network costs- With the cloud, your application needs a reliable network with lower latencies, and there are costs attached to it.
  • Disaster recovery costs- Most cloud services have in-built disaster recovery systems, so the cost on this aspect is low. 
  • Datacenter costs- It includes all the costs associated with data center operations like electricity, floor space, cooling, and others. 
  • Platform costs- it includes annual operating costs and environment maintenance of the application on a platform. 
  • Software maintenance costs- It includes annual maintenance costs for software which involve licensing, OS upgrades, and security measures.

As cloud services offer a pay-per-use model, developing and deploying applications depends on the type of platform. We offer cloud application development services that will optimize these costs to fit your budget.

We use best-in-class cloud security measures to ensure data protection and prevention of attacks on your systems. Our team of cloud architects leverage IAM(Identity and Access Management) services from cloud providers and tweak them according to your business needs. Apart from the IAM, our cloud application development services also offer security measures like Threat Intelligence, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). 

Our team conducts extensive cloud vulnerability and penetration testing to ensure the protection of your core services. We also use micro-segmentations to bifurcate your workloads and migrate them with individual security policies. 

Cloud computing technologies include virtualization for hardware, operating systems, storage, and infrastructure. It enables organizations to offer a standard version of the cloud applications to all the clients for higher flexibility. Apart from virtualization, we employ other cloud computing technologies like utility models that offer pay-per-utilization facilities. 

There are three major cloud computing technologies in any utility model- IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS. Infrastructure as a Service offers an operating framework and application programming with resources like VMs, bandwidth, monitoring services, etc. Platform as a Service at the same time provides a development and deployment platform. Software as a Service enables the transmission of cloud applications through web servers. 

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