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Swift Shopper: Faster checkouts and customer analytics for modern shopping experiences

Category: Retail, eCommerce

Services: Microservices Architecture, Cloud-native App Development

Swift shopper


Retail stores covered across the US alone.


Reduction in checkout time.


Number of data points under processing.


Swift Shopper came in with a vision to revolutionize offline shopping. With $10 million scored in funding, they wanted to make shop-goers lives easy by cutting down the checkout time significantly. To do this

  • They wanted to build an easy-to-use mobile app to provide personalised shopping experiences to users.
  • They wanted to build an analytics platform that could provide fine reads into the customer behaviour.
  • They wanted to build a scalable system that could integrate thousands of retail stores and millions of customers.


Our team worked with Swift Shopper’s CTO and PMO to onboard engineers. We did a comprehensive assessment of their existing system and provided solution inline with modern engineering principles.

  • We broke away from monolithic architecture to a system design that breaks platform into smaller decoupled services.
  • We developed a database architecture to enable a cloud-based data warehousing and ETL for scalable syncing between Swift Shopper and retailers’ data.
  • We designed the new system around the share-nothing distributed architecture on AWS to improve load balancing at the web and application tiers.

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