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While e-commerce is the fastest growing segment in retail, brick and mortar sales still are 8 times more than online sales. Swift shopper is solving the multi-billion dollar problem of faster checkout times, customer loyalty programs, and deeper analytics into buyer behavior. With deeper partnerships with retailers and top POS providers, Swift Shopper is targeting a sizable market of over 12,000 retail stores in the US alone.

Bringing future of retail shopping to brick and mortar

Swift Shopper wants to help bring the future of offline shopping experiences to brick and mortar retailers. Having raised over $10 million in funding, they are chasing the ultimate goal of reduce checkout times for customers - ultimately improving customer experience.

Their platform helps retailers improve shoppers’ experience by providing an easy-to-use mobile app that provides a personalized shopping solution. With Swift Shopper’s mobile shopping solution, shoppers can cut checkout times by 80%.

Partner Profile

Swift Shopper

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Integrating with Swift Shopper PMO

Swift Shopper reached out to see how we can help extend their tech capacity as they liked our dedicated teams offering and saw it as an ideal fit for them.

Agile methodology for Product development

Our team worked with Swift Shopper’s CTO and PMO to onboard 11 engineers. The first two weeks were spent adopting Agile processes, code review, and refactoring best practices. Sprint planning, daily standups, weekly reviews, and monthly retrospectives helped integrate our team. Regular team visits also helped engineers understand Swift Shoppers vision and culture better.

“We feel like the Simform is a part of our Swift Shopper team.
They care about the quality of the work that they provide us
because they want to see us succeed.”