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Health and fitness apps as a category grew by 330% in the last 4 years. To make the mobile apps more accurate, integration with fitness trackers to measure the performance is the next big market.

iHealth Tech is founded by celebrity fitness coach Scott Alexander. They build fitness apps for professional trainers and fitness enthusiasts. Cardioguru (iTrainU) is one-of-a-kind app where workouts are backed by serious science and performance is measured against many factors. It helps trainers keep accurate track of performance over time and against many factors.


We developed apps for the iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Web. After 4 years in R & D, with support from the EU Innovation Scheme, The University of Lincoln and the U.K. Government, we have a tested, accurate and innovative health and fitness apps on the App Store. Some of the highlights of the app are:

Fitness coaching and motivational speeches

Accurate tracking of your data

Exercise plan and customized exercises

Apple watch app for better workouts

What app did. Features of the app. How we worked.

Simform worked with iHealth to help them create deeper engagement with their members and ultimately become a digital business. The team took a lean product development approach and kept evolving the app by introducing new functionality over time to constantly excite users.

We used agile methods to understand iHealth’s users, processes, and technology before building and testing a prototype to simplify the online renewals experience, including implementing a Content Management System to create and manage workout content.

Cardioguru uses lots of fitness data points to generate custom workouts and monitor progress over time using analytics. Unlike other fitness apps the app was primarily focused at serious fitness enthusiasts. This meant understanding the world of fitness trainers and learning about different data points and importance of them. We worked closely with Scott and his team to understand how they train their clients and how each kind of workout is important.

iHealth app components with backend and 3rd party services

Our research showed that celebrity trainers wanted to see real time synced data that is broken down into: progress of the workout, HRM accuracy and %HR zones reached. iHealth apps connect with a variety of industry leading devices that transmit data via secure bluetooth network.