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iHealth: Clinically validated health monitoring and fitness coaching solution

Category: Sports, Health

Services: Mobile Application Development



Can keep up with growing business needs 


Easy to support in the long run.


Inline with modern business requirements and user demands


Scott Alexander, founder of iHealth Tech and a celebrity fitness coach, wanted to make science-backed and data-driven workouts available to masses. It would also do a better job of measuring performance accurately. They wanted us to

  • Build user-friendly and engaging apps for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Web.
  • Implement a content management system to create and manage workout content
  • Measure and analyze various data points that serious fitness enthusiasts focus on.


We worked closely with Scott and his team to understand how they train their clients and how each kind of workout is important.

  • We used agile methods to understand iHealth’s users, processes, and technology before building and testing a prototype.
  • We built a modern, scalable, and maintainable app that functions seamlessly across devices and platforms.
  • We implemented a modular architecture to leverage the benefits of reusability, reduced compilation times, and succinct test suites.

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