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81% of the US population owns a smartphone, despite the heavy dependence on the device, American's are still not using smartphones for payments in retail stores. Hence, with savings on every transaction, CrayPay is aiming to make mobile a standard mode of payment in retail stores.

Modernising retail shopping by reducing checkout time and improving customer experience

Some of the common challenges of contact payments were long checkout wait time, the possibility of fraud, lengthy bookkeeping, and poor customer experience. CrayPay is eliminating all these challenges by establishing a global network of local merchants who accept mobile payment without specialized hardware or software integration.

Over 70% of consumers say that if they get benefits of loyalty points or perks in retail stores, they are ready to switch to mobile payment. Therefore, by paying up to 10% of the customers billing amount at checkout, CrayPay is driving consumers to local stores with incentives that don't negatively affect the merchant's bottom line.