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Secure the best technology talent for your business talent for your business

The digital economy is moving at a rapid pace. Concepts and ideas that were figments of our imagination till a few months back, are not just reality, but a new normal. This expeditious evolution of technology makes success dependent on building robust digital products.

This overnight transformation has sketched a host of challenges for recruitment teams. It requires a shift in the talent recruiting approach in terms of policies, processes, and technologies. Technology talent velocity, agility, and skill development are now conditions for survival for every business.

Simform offers a unique approach of combining the traditional IT outsourcing model with managed teams. We enable our clients to adapt the changing face of talent recruitment through our past client experience, accelerated technology adoption and modern processes.

  • Cross-functional agile teams
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Seasoned software engineers
  • AWS certified software architects
  • Transparent and delivery-oriented culture
  • Experienced Cloud and DevOps experts
  • Rigorous quality assurance and testing
  • Strong expertise in modern technologies

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