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Tryg: Telematics based solution for Scandinavia’s second largest general insurer

Category: Insurance

Services: Product Development Services, Backend Development Services, Mobile Application Development Services, IoT Development Services, Cloud-Native Development


Increase in accuracy of insurance and claim generation.


Improvement in handling gigabytes of data per hour.


Reduction in operational costs.


Tryg-i-bil is one of the largest general insurance companies in Scandinavia. They wanted to build an advanced solution that makes auto insurance settlement claims more efficient and straightforward. The primary challenges were

  1. Harness the power of IoT with data
  2. Analyzing the data from fleet sensors
  3. Leveraging data for better decision making
  4. Manage and track fleet remotely


Our team built an end-to-end vehicle tracking and fleet management solution that catered to fleet operators and drivers. The architecture was built with cloud-native solutions, microservices, and serverless technology to ensure the highest scalability and flexibility. Our solution included

  1. Predictive fleet maintenance with Azure Steams
  2. Garnering insights from Stream Analytics
  3. Socket for real-time fleet tracking
  4. Securing work radius through Notification hub

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