Simform Achieves AWS Resilience Competency

Improve the availability and resilience of your critical workloads with Simform's AWS Resiliency Competency.

February 15, 2024
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Last Updated March 29, 2024
AWS Resiliency Services Partner

Simform Achieves AWS Resilience Competency

With the cloud increasingly supporting critical systems, the ability to recover quickly from failures or disruptions has become crucial for enterprises to ensure continuity of critical systems and maintain customer trust.

We are thrilled to announce that Simform has achieved AWS Resiliency competency, recognizing our cloud-based expertise in building fault-tolerant architectures.

With over 200 AWS certifications, Simform’s cloud-native experts understand how to employ a wide range of AWS services to address the complex needs of resilient cloud architectures. Our competency validates our ability to architect plan-oriented AWS environments focused on rapid disaster recovery when disruptions occur.

This article explains how Simform’s Resiliency competency helps customers address complex resiliency requirements across availability design, disaster recovery methodologies, and resilience services.

Simform, an AWS Resiliency Services Partner, is recognized as one of the top cloud consulting companies in the industry. Our AWS experts ensure your systems can withstand disruptions. If you need to strengthen your resilience posture, Simform can provide AWS Resilience expertise for your business.

What is the significance of AWS Resiliency Competency?

The new AWS Cloud Resilience Competency, unveiled in 2023 re:Invent, endorses consulting partners with advanced proficiency in building resilient cloud architectures.

AWS Resiliency competency partners

Achieving the AWS Resilience Competency verifies apartners’ technical proficiency across three vital disciplines:

  • Resilience Design: Knowledge in architecting fault-tolerant and stable systems with AWS services.
  • Resilience Operations: Capabilities in monitoring and administering systems to identify and remediate risks rapidly.
  • Resilience Recovery: Ability to enable rapid disaster recovery using data replication, backups, and failover automation.

Partners who gain recognition across all three areas achieve the exclusive Core Resilience designation – meaning they have the essential skills to architect, administer, and safeguard critical workloads.

By selecting Resilience Competency partners like Simform, you can ensure your cloud environments and applications are engineered and operated to achieve the most demanding availability goals.

Benefits of working with Simform for AWS Resilience

Simform is a leading AWS consulting partner with six AWS competencies, including:

As a result of these AWS competencies across critical technologies, Simform is recognized as a trusted consulting partner for complex cloud initiatives with technical and delivery strengths.

As new AWS Resilience Competency partners, we help you achieve the highest uptime needs with:

  • Resilient Architecture Design: We build inherent, resilient, and stable cloud architectures for business-critical workloads using multi-AZ deployments, redundancy, and auto-scaling.
  • Reliable Disaster Recovery: We create custom solutions designed to meet stringent recovery time and point objectives by leveraging AWS native and third-party automation tools to orchestrate fail-over testing and enable rapid restoration.
  • Enhanced Uptime: Our resilient design services help you achieve over 99.95% uptime by distributing applications across multiple Availability Zones (AZ) and leveraging load balancing.
  • Personalized Guidance: We provide tailored guidance to meet each customer’s unique RTO, RPO, and availability goals based on use case priorities.
  • Reputation and Trust: We proactively prevent critical failures and reduce risk through SLA-backed detection, response and resilience testing capabilities.
  • Centralized Orchestration: Our orchestration expertise, coupled with AWS Resilience Hub, delivers a unified view of your environment, automated testing, and standardized recovery playbooks.

By partnering with Simform, you gain proven design expertise, disaster recovery leadership, and purpose-built solutions to future-proof your cloud applications from disruptions.

How Simform Achieved Resiliency Competency

AWS follows a rigorous assessment process for partners seeking Resiliency Competency, where partners like Simform must fulfill the AWS-mandated requirements.

As a part of the process, Simform submitted four case studies showcasing how we helped clients improve the availability and resilience of their critical workloads in the cloud.

Here’s a brief overview of our successful projects that leverage AWS resilience services.

1. Data-driven consumer insights platform

Simform helped a leading marketing analytics provider transition their on-premise infrastructure to a resilient AWS cloud architecture.

The legacy infrastructure faced reliability challenges – system outages were common during traffic spikes, leading to data loss and revenue impacts. There was no disaster recovery plan in place either.

Our team designed a fault-tolerant and auto-scaling architecture on AWS leveraging Availability Zones, read replicas, and instance redundancy. We also set up real-time health monitoring, automated backups, and recovery procedures.

The cloud architecture proved tremendously resilient, providing:

  • 99.99% uptime, even during traffic surges
  • Zero data loss with synchronous multi-AZ RDS MySQL replication
  • 45% better disaster recovery readiness using regular automated backups
  • Fast and reliable failover capabilities for uninterrupted services

2. End-to-end automotive marketplace

We helped our client with an end-to-end automotive buying platform that allows users to browse, finance, insure, and upgrade vehicles from 30+ top brands.

Our AWS experts designed the cloud architecture using AWS ECS, Lambda, DynamoDB, RDS, ElastiCache, and other AWS services. We implemented multi-AZ deployments, caching, load balancing, auto-scaling groups, and robust access controls to ensure the platform can resiliently handle rapid spikes in traffic and securely manage sensitive buying data for thousands of concurrent users.

The production environment demonstrated:

  • Seamless scalability with 40% better tenant onboarding efficiency
  • 75% lower configuration errors through DynamoDB usage
  • 99.99% application availability across multiple AZs
  • Reduced recovery time to under 1 hour from failures

3. Intelligent email management system

While developing a resilient cloud architecture for an innovative email client application, our focus was on ensuring the infrastructure has robust stability, redundancy, and rapid disaster recovery capabilities.

By designing a federated architecture on AWS leveraging EKS, SQS, DynamoDB, and other managed services, we implemented automation, load balancing, caching, backups, and horizontal scaling for peak loads.

The production environment demonstrated tremendous resilience:

  • Capacity to handle 13 million daily emails without downtime
  • 98% reduction in system disruptions through redundancy
  • 50% quicker incident response and resolution
  • 25% lower operational expenses

4. Scalable parking management application

Our focus was on developing a robust cloud architecture that could handle parking reservations and payments smoothly for thousands of concurrent users.

Our experts designed a resilient microservices architecture using ECS, RDS, WAF, and other AWS services. We set up auto-scaling, read replicas, caching, rate-based traffic controls, and multi-AZ deployments.

The production environment demonstrated:

  • 20% lower infrastructure expenses through optimized microservices
  • 30% better response times via CloudFront CDN caching
  • 25% more scalable read operations using RDS read replicas
  • 15% improvement in stability despite traffic variations
  • 30% stronger data isolation for multi-tenant security

Overall, all our clients experience improved recoverability and continuity for business-critical cloud workloads.

Elevate your cloud resilience posture with Simform

Simform, an AWS Resilience Competency Partner, helps companies build, monitor, and enable rapid restoration of cloud applications and infrastructure. Our services and expertise span across:

  • Designing inherently fault-tolerant and self-healing cloud architectures based on AWS Well-Architected Framework resiliency pillars.
  • Deploying resilient environments across multiple regions and accounts for disaster readiness.
  • Conducting routine resilience testing through simulations and failure injection to prepare and enhance response.
  • Configuring proactive threat monitoring, backup routines, and continuity automation per SLAs.
  • Centralizing visibility into RTO and RPO metrics for various line-of-business applications via dashboards.

By working with Simform, you gain access to certified availability experts, reliable architectures, and monitoring tools to ensure your business systems can rapidly bounce back from failures or outages, protecting your customers and brand.

Get in touch with our team to explore how advancing your resilience posture with AWS can enable transformational innovation while eliminating business disruption threats.

Hiren is VP of Technology at Simform with an extensive experience in helping enterprises and startups streamline their business performance through data-driven innovation.

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