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What is Regression Testing? Explained with Test Cases, Tools, and Methods

Last Updated November 28, 2022

Regression testing is one of the types of testing that organizations conduct to verify that the core functionalities of the products are working well whenever there's an update or addition of a new element. Here, we discuss regression testing, its types, test cases, tools, techniques, and everything that is of utmost value.

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Functional Testing vs Integration Testing: A Detailed Guide on the Differences

Software Testing & QA September 21, 2021
Last Updated August 16, 2022
Functional Testing vs Integration Testing

Functional Testing and Integration Testing - Both testings are performed to eliminate bugs and defects in the software in order to improve the software quality. Both testing types are equally essential and complement each other but have some striking differences that you are not aware of. Therefore, we are going to provide you a detailed comparison guide on functional testing vs integration testing.

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Software Testing Methodologies: A QA Manager’s Guide

Last Updated December 12, 2022
oftware Testing Methodologies

It was during the cold January of 2016 that Google Nest Smart Thermostat had one of the epic software failures - talk about being unlucky! The incident proves that while the software development process requires meticulous planning, a testing methodology is equally crucial for delivering a quality product. So, what are these software testing methodologies, and what difference does it make to your applications?

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