The Executive Survey 2024 on the Strategic Integration of Generative AI in Organizations

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What’s inside the ebook

Generative AI is revolutionizing the business landscape, transforming organizations’ strategies and outcomes.And so we’ve surveyed 656 business leaders across 8 key sectors to bring you the comprehensive “ The 2024 Executive Generative AI Survey’”. Insights from this report will guide you in understanding and effectively implementing generative AI into your business operations, addressing challenges, and measuring success.


Generative AI usage and perception among executives

Find out the extent to which executives use generative AI, with 70.8% of them regularly incorporating it for work, how organizations are adopting this technology for various business functions, and the primary goals behind their implementation.

Implementation and integration of GenAI

Learn about the popular tools, such as ChatGPT, used by 90.2% of the executives, followed by Dall-E employed by 53.7%, and the preferred areas for generative AI implementation. Discover which tasks are being automated, and gain insights about maximizing productivity and overall success in your organization.

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Planning Prioritization Application Redevelopment

Challenges and solutions in generative AI adoption

Discover the main challenges faced by organizations during generative AI adoption, such as acquiring expertise, with 43.9% considering it as the top challenge, ethical concerns, etc. Learn how businesses worldwide are overcoming these issues through various strategies and solutions.

Constant evaluation and future integration of GenAI

Understand how businesses measure the ROI of generative AI projects, with 47.2% conducting regular audits, and the KPIs used to gauge success. Explore potential future integrations with technologies like IoT, quantum computing, and blockchain.


6 Reasons to read this ebook

This survey report offers valuable insights, data-driven perspectives, and expert outlooks on the practical impact of generative AI in key business sectors. Find answers to many of your questions, from routine tasks being automated to addressing ethical concerns and biases, from measuring ROI to evaluating success through key performance indicators.

Popular tool usage and perception

Seamless implementation and integration

Addressing challenges and solutions

Preparing businesses for the future


Ensuring ethical and privacy safeguards

Measuring efficiency and success

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