Simform Achieves AWS Healthcare Competency

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April 3, 2024
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Last Updated April 03, 2024
Simform Is AWS Healthcare Competency Partner

Simform Achieves AWS Healthcare Competency

Healthcare organizations require scalable, HIPAA-compliant platforms to connect patients with professionals. Developing secure platforms with robust compliance can be complex. Simform, with AWS Healthcare expertise, helps enhance platform security, speed, and data protection.

With the latest addition of AWS Healthcare Competency achievement, Simform is one of the top-tier AWS partners providing cloud solutions tailored for healthcare’s rigorous standards.

This achievement recognizes our proven track record and deep expertise in helping healthcare organizations optimize processes, enhance performance, and reduce cloud costs.

In this blog, we will explain the significance of healthcare competency achieved by Simform and how it helps businesses optimize service offerings. Let’s begin with understanding the importance of this sought-after recognition.

Simform, an AWS Healthcare Competency Partner, is recognized as one of the top cloud consulting companies in the industry. Our team of more than 200 AWS professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional AWS Healthcare expertise for your business.

What is the significance of AWS Healthcare Competency?

The AWS Healthcare Competency is a prestigious recognition awarded to AWS Partners with exceptional experience in enabling medical and healthcare businesses.

It also signifies that an APN partner has a deep understanding of strategies, methodologies, and best practices crucial for cloud healthcare solutions so they can help companies with enhanced agility, scalability, cost savings, and performance for healthcare applications.

Here’s how Simform, an AWS Healthcare Competency Partner, powers healthcare innovation in AWS:

  • Compliance expertise– We utilize AWS security controls, encryption, and access management capabilities to build HIPAA-compliant systems.
  • Interoperability solutions– Our integrations between fragmented healthcare IT systems enable the seamless data sharing necessary for connected, patient-centric care.
  • Scalable platforms– We architect highly scalable cloud platforms with auto-scaling groups and load balancing to handle fluctuating workloads in healthcare apps.
  • Advanced analytics– Our AWS-powered analytics and machine learning services unlock real-time insights from clinical, claims, and patient data for better decision-making.
  • Reliable BC/DR systems– We implement robust business continuity and disaster recovery for minimal disruption to mission-critical healthcare applications.

With this AWS Healthcare Competency certification, Simform has demonstrated deep proficiency in using AWS for transformative healthcare solutions. Now, let’s explore why Simform stands out from other potential AWS partners for your cloud-based healthcare delivery apps and platforms.

Benefits of working with Simform, an AWS Healthcare Competency partner

Simform, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, helps global enterprises innovate with the cloud. We boast six key competencies, including the Healthcare Competency, that validate our abilities in building AWS-powered solutions.

  • Advertising and Marketing Technology Services Competency
  • AWS SaaS Consulting Competency
  • AWS DevOps Consulting Competency
  • AWS Migration Consulting Competency
  • AWS Supply Chain Competency
  • AWS Healthcare Competency

These achievements establish Simform as a leading service provider for AWS Healthcare solutions and a top-tier cloud engineering company.

Here are the key benefits of working with SImform for your healthcare businesses:

  • AWS-certified experts – Simform has a team of over 200 AWS-certified professionals with deep expertise in delivering secure healthcare solutions that ensure compliance with HIPAA, enhanced communication, and patient data management.
  • Holistic approach- Our team provides holistic solutions for your business beyond implementing AWS services. From provisioning the infrastructure to designing the architecture and testing the applications extensively, our team ensures robust system performance for your projects.
  • Cost optimizations- Cost optimizations are crucial whether you are a healthcare business or from any other domain. We ensure cost optimizations by effectively managing resources, monitoring instances, and rightsizing the infrastructure.
  • Industry best practices- Our team of AWS experts leverages industry best practices to provide high-performance applications enabling advanced functions for your healthcare business.
  • Higher security and compliance- We leverage AWS’s best practices and services to improve system security. Our experts design your system architecture to improve data security and ensure compliance with information regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR.

Working with a Healthcare Competency Partner like SImform brings AWS expertise and offers a holistic solution for your organization. If you are wondering how Simform achieved a Healthcare Competency Partnership, here is everything you need to know.

How Simform achieved AWS Healthcare Competency

Simform achieved the AWS Healthcare Competency by meeting rigorous AWS requirements. This included verifying the technical expertise of our team of over 200 AWS-certified experts and its track record of delivering robust and scalable healthcare solutions on AWS. The combination of certified talent, healthcare solution expertise, and practical experience enabled Simform to meet the requirements for this competency.

Here are some examples of businesses we helped with our AWS Healthcare expertise:

1. A platform to connect patients with healthcare experts.

A healthcare business needed to build a platform to facilitate consulting, communications, and outreach between doctors and women in Sweden. The client’s biggest challenge was providing customers with easy access to healthcare professionals. Further, ensuring the security of patient data and recorded sessions with doctors was crucial.

Simform developed a HIPAA-compliant platform with advanced features to connect patients and doctors. This platform can record sessions between healthcare professionals and patients and securely store sensitive information, leveraging AWS WAF.

Further, Simform leveraged containerization and managed infrastructure using multiple AWS services like Amazon ELB, Auto scaling groups, and Amazon ECS. Our team integrated Amazon Chime, enabling effective communication between patients and healthcare professionals.

Simforn helped the client improve security by 50% and data monitoring by 60%. We also improved the service availability by 55% and 30% through cloud cost optimization.

2. An all-encompassing platform for patients, healthcare providers, and staff to manage requests and payments

The client wanted to create a platform for healthcare companies to manage requests and payments. It faced challenges in accurately extracting data from unstructured formats like medical records, doctor’s notes, and patient correspondence. Simform used AWS Textract for data extraction and AWS ECS Fargate for secure processing to solve these challenges.

We used AWS WAF for text extraction system security. Our team utilized AWS Amplify, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, and AWS Lambda to develop, store, and process applications securely.

Our hybrid approach reduced data extraction cost by 35%, improved text accuracy by 25%, and reduced time by 40%. AWS WAF cut data breaches by 95% and ensured HIPAA compliance.

3. An advanced platform for patients to search for caregivers across geolocation

The client provides competitive intelligence and market insights to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. They needed a secure platform connecting patients and professionals and showcasing healthcare services.

We assisted the client in building a healthcare platform for patients on AWS using an advanced search algorithm that utilized Amazon Location Service to find qualified caregivers. Our team ensured data security and improved HIPAA compliance with AWS WAF, ACM, and CloudFront.

The platform achieved a 20% improvement in identifying qualified caregivers and a 30% increase in scalability and reliability. We also reduced data breach risks by 15% and improved configuration change compliance by 20%.

4. An advanced platform for patients to find healthcare professionals.

The client needed a platform to connect patients with qualified healthcare caregivers based on their needs and location. The client’s key challenges included creating an advanced search feature, scaling healthcare services, and ensuring compliance with data regulations like HIPAA.

We developed a cloud-based platform on AWS services, including an advanced search algorithm that identified qualified caregivers 20% more accurately. We utilized Amazon RDS and AWS WAF for data security and HIPAA compliance. AWS Certificate Manager managed SSL/TLS certificates.

We used Amazon EC2 for scalable computing resources and Amazon ECS for container orchestration, achieving a 30% increase in platform scalability and reliability. Our efforts reduced data breach risks by 15%, improved security policy compliance by 20%, and scaled the platform for more customers.

Ensure secure healthcare services for your patients with Simform, an AWS-recognized healthcare expert

Simform’s AWS Healthcare Competency achievement is another feather in the flock, complementing five other key AWS competencies we have already achieved. Our AWS experts leverage best practices and cloud-based architecture to build high-performance healthcare systems.

With Simform, you can achieve cost optimizations for your infrastructure storing patient data and avoid cyber threats by leveraging secure development capabilities. Additionally,  choosing our AWS healthcare services ensures:

  • High-performing, innovative healthcare platforms
  • Highly available systems
  • Patient data management and security
  • Compliance with HIPAA regulations
  • Scalable and flexible infrastructure

So, if you are looking to build reliable healthcare platforms for your patients, contact us now.

Hiren is VP of Technology at Simform with an extensive experience in helping enterprises and startups streamline their business performance through data-driven innovation.

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