Simform Acquires Armakuni to Drive Gen AI Readiness for Organizations in EMEA Region

Struggling to leverage advanced technologies like Gen AI? Simform & Armakuni's combined expertise helps you accelerate AI adoption and software delivery.

May 1, 2024
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Last Updated May 02, 2024
simform acquires armakuni

Simform Acquires Armakuni to Drive Gen AI Readiness for Organizations in EMEA Region

While enterprises today have access to advanced technology, many struggle to leverage its full potential. Building and sustaining high-performing software engineering teams capable of adopting and wielding technological advancements effectively remains a critical challenge.

Imagine the competitive edge your business would gain by seamlessly integrating Gen-AI solutions, along with– faster development cycles, groundbreaking product features, and superior decision-making capabilities. But without the right people and processes, these benefits remain out of reach.

Simform has acquired Armakuni, a UK-based AWS Partner and specialist in accelerating software delivery, to help enterprises with high-output engineering.

This strategic move strengthens Simform’s capabilities, enhancing its advisory and strategic leadership offering, and enabling it to build and deliver high-performing product outcomes with and for organizations in the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region.

The two organisations will work together to help enterprises become GenAI-ready using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cloud implementations to develop solutions that solve the complex software challenges of businesses today.

Simform’s product engineering meets the Armakuni way of software delivery

Simform is a top-tier digital engineering company renowned for advanced AI/ML and Cloud expertise. As an AWS Premier Tier Services partner, it specialises in tailored cloud solutions across industries with its 1300+ skilled engineers, delivering Gen AI-enabled products for healthcare, fintech, retail, and more.

While Armakuni’s expertise lies in helping organisations build high-performing engineering capabilities and accelerate customer value delivery. Their approach, focused on enabling teams, aligning organizations, and accelerating delivery, has garnered a reputation for driving sustainable transformation within enterprises.

Armakuni is also the world’s first Team Topologies partner, which optimizes team interactions and workflows for smoother value stream delivery. This iterative approach emphasizes breaking down silos, fostering collaboration, and aligning teams with the organization’s strategic objectives.

With a prestigious client portfolio that includes industry heavyweights such as Santander, Fidelity International, News UK, HSBC, the UK Government, NHS Wales, and NatWest Group, Armakuni brings a wealth of experience in navigating the complexities of large-scale enterprise transformations.

How Armakuni’s acquisition contributes to Simform’s goals?

The acquisition of Armakuni complements and expands Simform’s offerings, creating an ideal combination of advanced technology solutions and the organizational readiness needed to effectively adopt and sustain them. Moreover, Armakuni’s expertise aligns seamlessly with Simform’s vision of empowering enterprises to embrace innovation and drive continuous transformation. A perfect match for the Gen AI era!

By leveraging these strengths, Simform is uniquely positioned to guide clients through every stage of their digital transformation journey, from upskilling teams to accelerating the full product development lifecycle and delivering Gen AI-powered solutions at scale.

The acquisition of Armakuni by Simform was exclusively advised by investment banking firm PCB Partners, drawing on PCB’s deep-domain expertise in Software Engineering and cloud-related M&A for companies in the Global digital services ecosystem.

The unified organization will help enterprises improve the way they build software and adopt newer technologies like Gen AI, ML, Cloud, and Data Engineering.

How will the acquisition benefit Gen AI-ready enterprises?

The combined expertise of Simform and Armakuni makes the venture a perfect partner for any enterprise seeking growth in the age of AI. Here’s how:

  • Top-notch Gen AI solutions, at scale

Simform’s advanced Gen AI competency and body of work, along with Armakuni’s extensive experience in helping enterprises drive change, is the perfect blend for any organisation looking to launch AI/ML-enabled features and products.

  • Faster and consistent builds on the cloud

Armakuni helps enterprises at various stages of their cloud adoption journey with engineering agility. Whether greenfield, brownfield or solving complex problems, Armakuni can improve productivity, quality or time to market with modern, cloud-native practices. Simform, an AWS Premier Tier Services partner, is a global leader in building on cloud technologies. With 200+ AWS-certified experts, Simform easily tackles any complex cloud challenge whilst staying cost-efficient.

  • Live in weeks, not months

From enterprise-wide planning to overseeing efficient agile teams, Simform and Armakuni’s combined expertise accelerates every stage of the product development cycle. We are committed to helping businesses adopt and embed modern software engineering practices such as user-centered design, agile software development, product mindset, DevOps, and automated testing.

The digital product engineering expertise, combined with high-quality development methodologies, means your ideas move to production in weeks rather than months.

  • Sustainable long-term solutions over quick fixes

Both Simform and Armakuni’s DNA prioritise long-term sustainable solutions over quick fixes. So whether it’s organisational alignment or modernising the codebase, everything is focused on helping the enterprise achieve its long-term goals for a sustained period.

The road ahead: Build Gen AI enterprises at scale with Simform

As the world embraces the Gen AI revolution, Simform is positioning itself to offer a comprehensive suite of Gen AI enablement services.

From developing modernization roadmaps based on Gen AI opportunities to building and training high-output tech teams proficient in creating and utilizing Gen AI solutions, Simform empowers its clients to surpass their competitors and unlock new realms of innovation and growth.

With our AI Center of Excellence, accelerate pod deployment using our flexible engagement model with Gen AI talent management. We also help clients accelerate their path to Gen AI ROI by managing LLM costs through optimization services, ensuring that enterprises can maximize the value of their Gen AI investments.

If your enterprise is looking to embrace the Gen AI revolution, we’d love to discuss your journey in detail. Contact us today to learn how Simform’s comprehensive solutions can help your organization thrive in the age of artificial intelligence.

Prayaag is a serial entrepreneur and CEO at Simform. At the business level, Prayaag excels at assessing the market opportunity, building, and inspiring extended teams, understanding the value of a customer and driving consistently exceptional results.

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