20+ Ways Microservices are Transforming Industries: Use Cases from Capital One, Facebook, Uber, and more

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What’s inside the ebook

The business world has realized the significance of adopting a microservices architecture and how it can transform the development processes. This eBook talks about the different industries that have adopted this modular architecture and how it has helped them take their businesses to the next level through digital transformations.


Compilation of lessons from tech giants worldwide

We have included lessons from companies like Facebook, TikTok, Lyft, Doordash, and many more, to give an exhaustive idea of how microservices can contribute to business development.

Discover unique use cases of microservices

We have included rare and uncommon use cases that can help CTOs and Project Managers imagine microservices in a new light and extract maximum benefits out of it.


Find top functionality built with microservices

Whether using a third-party service or building internal tools for seamless microservices integration – we have discussed how organizations use it for their benefit.

Leverage best practices recommended by experts

Although microservices is no more alien technology, there are still doubts about its appropriate implementation. We have included industry best practices to reduce errors and improve effectiveness.


6 Reasons to read this ebook

Although organizations prepare a fool-proof implementation plan for microservices, the execution can be confusing. In this eBook, you’ll learn why different companies adopted microservices and how they overcame possible roadblocks, so you can ensure quick and error-free implementation.

An objective overview of five industries

Real-world examples with architecture diagrams

Potential challenges organizations may face

Ways to avoid implementation mishaps.

Includes tech stacks compatible with microservices

Tips for picking the right implementation strategy

You’re in good hands!


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