Simform Achieves AWS Supply Chain Competency

Streamline your supply chain operations with Simform’s AWS experts

January 25, 2024
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Last Updated March 19, 2024
AWS Supply Chain Services Partner

Simform Achieves AWS Supply Chain Competency

We are thrilled to announce that Simform has achieved the AWS Supply Chain Competency, recognizing our cloud-based expertise in supply chain solutions.  As one of the first APN partners with this competency, we leverage AWS proficiency to provide optimized, scalable solutions that enhance global supply chains.

This blog will explain how Simform can help with your supply chain needs as an AWS Supply Chain Services Partner. We all also share how we achieved this competency and a few success stories of our clients who have solved supply chain challenges with our solutions.

Simform, an AWS Supply Chain Services Partner, is recognized as one of the top cloud consulting companies in the industry. Our team comprises over 200 AWS experts ready to assist you at every stage of your supply chain operations. If you need advanced supply chain capabilities, Simform can provide AWS Supply Chain expertise for your business.

Benefits of working with Simform, an AWS Supply Chain Services Partner

As a Premier AWS Consulting Partner, Simform helps enterprises worldwide innovate in the cloud.  The Supply Chain Competency is the fifth feather in our hat. Our proficiency in building AWS-powered solutions has been validated by four other vital competencies:

  • Advertising and Marketing Technology Services Competency
  • AWS SaaS Consulting Competency
  • AWS DevOps Consulting Competency
  • AWS Migration Consulting competency

These AWS designations have established Simform as a qualified and trusted partner for complex cloud initiatives. Here are the key benefits of partnering with Simform for cloud supply chain solutions:

  • Supply chain-specific AWS expertise: With over a decade of experience building solutions on the AWS cloud, Simform is backed by 200+ AWS certifications and cloud-native architects who know how to leverage AWS’s versatility specifically for the intricacies of supply chains.
  • Strategic automation: Automating manual processes is critical for supply chain optimization and cost savings. Simform is highly experienced at leveraging AWS tools like Lambda, RoboMaker, CodePipeline, etc., to drive strategic automation in supply chain systems.
  • Integrated robust processes: With the help of the Well-Architected Framework, Simform provides fully integrated supply chain solutions – from resilient design to security protections, agile delivery, and optimized operations.
  • Scalable architecture design: We design scalable architectures for businesses to ensure operational efficiency across inventory, logistics, and fulfillment functions.
  • Secure data management: Our team of AWS experts design solutions leveraging cloud-based secure storage, ensuring compliance with information regulation standards like GDPR.
  • Extensive support system: We offer an extensive support system for your applications, which monitors, fine-tunes, and maintains high-quality output.

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of working with Simform to optimize your supply chain operations, let’s go behind the scenes to see how our team attained the coveted AWS supply chain services partner status.

How Simform Achieved AWS Supply Chain Competency

We underwent a rigorous verification process with AWS to attain the prestigious Supply Chain Competency. This included demonstrating:

  • Technical expertise in designing and implementing AWS supply chain infrastructure
  • Proven development capabilities for cloud-based supply chain applications
  • In-depth proficiency in solving logistics, inventory, planning, and security challenges
  • Success in helping supply chain companies innovate on AWS

Here are examples of how Simform enabled businesses with effective AWS supply chain solutions.

1. A complete one-stop solution for all car buying requirements

Simform helped the client build an all-in-one platform for renting, leasing and buying cars from more than 30 leading brands.  The solution included demand forecasting, inventory management, transportation and logistics management, and a secure multi-tenant system.

Our team took responsibility for crucial aspects such as customer eligibility checks, finance calculations, request auditing, database compliance, and infrastructure management.

We used AWS Lambda for inventory management and IoT-based solutions to connect vehicles. Verification of customer eligibility was carried out using AWS ECS and DynamoDB.

Further, we integrated Offerlogix with the AWS ECS environment for vehicle upgrades and relied on Amazon RDS for trade-related data storage.

Our solution managed to:

  • Reduce supply risks by 60%
  • Improve demand forecast accuracy by up to 50%
  • Lower transportation costs by 20%
  • Reduce development and staging infrastructure expenses by 40-50%
  • Decreased system downtime by 3 times the original duration

2. A futuristic logistic solution that optimizes operations

With our AWS supply chain expertise,  we helped the client build a platform that offers various custom logistics solutions to manage pickup, delivery, and warehousing needs. The client’s administrators were facing inefficiencies and delays due to manual email checks and data uploads.

We automated email checks, data uploads, and paperwork processes using AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, and RDS to simplify warehouse operations. Additionally, we implemented AWS API Gateway and Lambda and achieved extensive automation and workflow orchestration using AWS Step Functions and Lambda.

The results were impressive:

  • 25% improvement in warehouse operations efficiency,
  • 20% reduction in the order-to-delivery cycle
  • 80% decrease in manual data handling efforts
  • 95% improvement in real-time visibility into shipment status

3. A dynamic engine for real-time warehouse and transport coordination

Simform created a new warehouse management system for our client which tracks live truck locations, optimizing resource allocation. The previous system was flawed and caused inefficiencies in resource allocation as it did not track trucks’ current locations in real-time.

AWS Location service was used to calculate accurate ETA calculations, and a comprehensive AWS service stack was deployed to enhance the efficiency and scalability of the serverless REST API.

The system achieved an ETA accuracy rate of 95% or higher and handled a 50% increase in simultaneous API requests without degradation in performance.

4. An advanced portal to track finished vehicle delivery and fulfillment

Simform developed an advanced warehouse management system that optimizes resources and accurately tracks trucks in transit, improving logistics planning. The web application adapts to varying traffic levels, minimizing infrastructure costs while increasing efficiency.

The delivery tracking portal was built using AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Amazon RDS database, improving the portal’s performance by 35% and availability by 45%. AWS Lambda processed IoT device data, and Amazon DynamoDB enabled advanced search.

AWS IAM and AWS Secrets Manager secured sensitive data, and Amazon VPC provided network security. The system achieved 99.9% uptime and reduced delivery time by 30%.

Modernize your supply chains with Simform’s AWS expertise

As an AWS Supply Chain Services Partner, Simform helps companies optimize complex supply chain operations with AWS cloud solutions. Our expertise spans:

  • Centralizing supply chain data across disparate systems into unified data lakes to provide real-time visibility and overcome fragmentation
  • Developing machine learning models with Amazon SageMaker to improve demand forecasting accuracy and predict supply chain disruptions
  • Implementing granular access controls on AWS to ensure supply chain data security and authorize personnel
  • Leveraging AWS analytics and IoT services to monitor supplier performance and simplify procurement
  • Employing agile methodologies and AWS architecture best practices to build innovative, efficient supply chain systems

By modernizing your supply chain tech stack with Simform’s AWS cloud solutions, you gain the visibility, adaptability, and control needed to overcome disruptions, improve planning, strengthen partnerships, and drive growth. Contact our consultants to explore how our AWS supply chain expertise can optimize your end-to-end operations.

Hiren is CTO at Simform with an extensive experience in helping enterprises and startups streamline their business performance through data-driven innovation.

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