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with secure and compliant solutions

Simform leverages cloud infrastructure and advanced data analysis to create secure, insightful solutions from clinical data, enhancing workflow efficiency while ensuring HIPAA compliance.

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Your trusted healthcare solutions development partner

Many healthcare providers struggle to protect sensitive patient data, tackle operational inefficiencies, and meet increasing demand. Disengaged patients further complicate matters, leading to poorer health outcomes.

Simform optimizes patient data management, streamlines workflows by automating administrative tasks, and enforces strict security through encryption and access controls. Our bespoke healthcare solutions enable you to prioritize exceptional patient care.

  • HIPAA and GDPR-compliant solutions
  • Seamless PHI data management
  • Diagnostic solutions with AI and ML
  • IoT-enabled healthcare solutions
  • Patient-centered, multi-lingual solutions

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Simform’s capabilities

Develop personalized care strategies and improve patient experiences with Simform’s secure, connected healthcare services. We help you remove friction from healthcare encounters, drive insights from healthcare data, and yet keep protected health information secure.

Real-time telehealth solutions

Democratize access to patient care through advanced telehealth solutions that overcome mobility limitations and reduce operational costs.

We design virtual consultation spaces, implement HL7 integrations, and follow DICOM protocols to ensure private and secure transmission of medical data.

real time telehealth solutions
EMR EHR development

EMR/EHR development

Improve patient care by providing doctors quick and easy access to patient history and medical data while ensuring data privacy and security.

Our seasoned engineers ensure your EMR and EHR solutions are HIPAA compliant while enabling AI-driven features like intelligent data entry and personalized care suggestions to facilitate operations.

Medical IoT development

We help you develop interoperable, intelligent, and secure medical IoT infrastructure that faciliates remote patient care, emergency notification systems, asset tracking, and more.

Our data scientists deploy advanced ML algorithms to process data collected from multiple sensors and IoT devices. It is then turned into actionable fromats to aid healthcare.

medical IoT development
clinical decision support software

Clinical decision support software

Improve patient care quality while reducing the load on healthcare workers with AI-powered systems that analyze patient data and provide real-time, evidence-based recommendations.

We help you build AI-powered CDSS that facilitates predictive analytics, customizable alerts, advanced reporting, and real-time insights for proactive decision-making at the point of care.

Why Simform?

With deep cloud expertise and a proven track record in optimizing surgery workflow, automating healthcare payments, and developing connected care applications, Simform stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation. We architect high-performance, ROI-driven cloud healthcare solutions that improve your organizational efficiency and patient experience.

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AWS certified excellence

Being an AWS Healthcare competency partner with 200+ AWS-certified experts, we have a proven track record of successful AWS implementations in the healthcare industry.

Data Privacy

Adherence to regulations and compliance

Your data is safe with us. We prioritize your data security and privacy, ensuring your healthcare applications comply with HIPAA, GDPR, FHIR, and HL7 regulations. Our solutions include advanced encryption and access controls to keep your PHI safe.

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Intuitive interface

We focus on both technology and usability. Our intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for mobile and web platforms are easy to navigate, allowing you to focus on what matters most—providing excellent patient care.

Pricing breakdown

Scalability and flexibility

We design and optimize your infrastructure to accommodate changing patient loads, seasonal variations, and unexpected demands without compromising performance.

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EHR integration

We help you integrate your existing EMR/EHR with other medical solutions to ensure the efficient flow of information between you and your patients.

tech stack

AI Studio advantage

Our special unit has its own engineering culture and practices for rapid innovation. AI Studio has built proprietary libraries and MLOps tools that help us deliver better healthcare solutions faster.

Customer testimonials

Jeff Petreman

Simform is real asset to the TransAction Logistics team.

Ritwik Pavan

I have been thrilled to have such a dedicated team

Justin Wollman

Simform has variety of engineers to meet our current and future demands

Danielle Beben

The communication line was always open and they are very approachable

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