CTOs Handbook to Build an
Enterprise Kubernetes Strategy

The eBook provides you with detailed insights on the cloud migration and ease the burden of getting started.

Every enterprise today expects its software developers to build and deploy applications rapidly. Users also want new features and updates across all their devices in real-time. To meet this need, the ever-agile IT operations teams are turning to container technology.

And the best way to deploy these containerized applications at scale and create a highly available distributed system is to implement the enterprise Kubernetes strategy. This revolutionary technology, which was handed over to Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNFC) by Google, is central to the digital transformation of 77% of organizations. 

This ebook highlights the benefits, challenges, examples and the necessary steps to implement a successful enterprise Kubernetes strategy.

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Container: Witness the historic shift in how modern applications run

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Find out what container means and, why organizations are leveraging this technology that forms the foundation of Kubernetes.

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Yes, that's Kubernetes! Understand the meaning and significance of Kubernetes. 
Also, learn the basic terms and components related to K8s like pods, nodes, control plane, etcd, Kubelet, Namespace, and more. 

Why do growing organizations love Kubernetes?

Have an in-depth look at the key factors driving Kubernetes adoption and know why Kubernetes has consistently risen in popularity as one of the most loved platforms.  

Learn the steps for a successful enterprise Kubernetes strategy.

Learn from the examples. Learn how large global companies like GitHub, Spotify, Bloomberg, Capital One, and Booking.com put Kubernetes at work, how they got there, and what they learned along the way.

Lessons from some of 
the most successful companies

6 Reasons to read this ebook

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Adoption of new technologies is advantageous yet challenging. This eBook is for each & tech-savvy enterprise that wants to embrace Kubernetes to manage containers, virtual machines, and other modern applications. Find out the viability of K8s adoption, the benefits, the challenges, the steps for a successful Kubernetes strategy, and learn from the real-world examples.