Optimize Your AWS Resource Inventory with an AWS Config Delivery Partner

Navigate the hassles of AWS resource management effortlessly by leveraging the expertise of a certified AWS Config Delivery Partner.

October 6, 2023
3 mins read
Last Updated October 13, 2023
AWS Config Delivery

Optimize Your AWS Resource Inventory with an AWS Config Delivery Partner

Simform proudly announces its official status as an AWS Config Delivery Partner, highlighting our proficiency in cloud computing.

AWS Config offers an intricate view of how your AWS resource are setup in your AWS account. It helps you understand how these resources are connected and keeps a record of their past configurations.

As an AWS Config Service Delivery Partner, Simform offers high-quality services to effectively manage multiple AWS accounts. Our certified AWS experts optimize resources, bolster security and compliance, spot configuration discrepancies, address issues promptly, and reduce operational interruptions.

Here’s the journey that led us to attain the coveted AWS Config Delivery partner designation. It highlights how Simform assisted clients in optimizing their resource inventories efficiently.

Streamline your AWS resource management with Simform’s AWS Config Services. Experience optimized efficiency, enhanced security, compliance assurance, and cost-saving opportunities. Partner with us to simplify, secure, and elevate your cloud journey today!

How Simform’s AWS Config Partnership Can Help Your Business

Through Simform’s partnership with AWS Config, you can gain access to our team of experts who specialize in setting up, customizing, and monitoring AWS Config rules to meet your needs.

This partnership also helps us discover your existing AWS resources, giving us a detailed inventory of your resources and their configurations. Plus, we can keep track of the changes made to each resource.

Our AWS Config services ensure that you comply with industry laws, automatically assess configurations, proactively handle issues, and codify compliance guidelines to enhance your system’s security and dependability.

Here’s how our experts strengthen cloud infrastructures with AWS Config:

  • Proactive Compliance Monitoring: Assess and ensure compliance with standards.
  • Resource Tracking and Inventory Management: Maintain a comprehensive inventory of AWS resources, ensuring better resource allocation and cost optimization.
  • Change Management: Track configuration changes, providing real-time visibility and aiding in troubleshooting.
  • Security and Compliance Remediation: Swiftly identify and rectify security and compliance issues.

How We Achieved AWS Config Service Delivery Partnership

Simform attained the AWS Config Service Delivery Partnership through its dedicated expertise in AWS services. As a respected digital product engineering company, our team comprises 180+ highly skilled AWS-certified experts who excel in cloud infrastructure management.

Our success is a result of our AWS proficiency and active involvement in AWS Service Delivery Programs (SDPs). A key factor in securing the AWS Config Service Delivery Partnership was our deep understanding of AWS Config and commitment to best practices, along with our success stories that showed our ability to empower businesses for resilient application deployments.

Here are the stories that earned us the AWS Config Service Delivery Partnership.

An all-in-one car-buying solution

Our client offers a comprehensive solution to its customers for renting, buying, leasing, and upgrading cars. It has come to us to develop a highly efficient and secure multi-tenant solution for managing its database services, compliance, and customers.

Challenges we addressed:

  • Creating a secure multi-tenant solution and identifying eligible customers for upgrades.
  • Providing a trade recommendation service for second-hand car transactions, meeting the client’s specific needs.
  • Implementing a recurring lead nurturing process and presenting appropriate trade options for vehicle upgrades.
  • Auditing all incoming network requests for both security and compliance, alongside maintaining database compliance in line with stringent data protection policies.
  • Continuous monitoring and alerting the security team in case of any AWS resource and environment configuration violations.
  • Integrating remote access to AWS resources with the existing Single Sign-On (SSO) system while maintaining a secure codebase.

Solutions we provided:

  • Leveraged AWS Lambda for ETL jobs and DynamoDB to identify eligible customers for upgrades and generate optimal deals.
  • Employed Offerlogix to display trade options with data seamlessly stored in Amazon RDS.
  • Integrated a lead marketing and nurturing system using third-party tools like Iterable for marketing and Voile for customer management.
  • Utilized AWS Lambda for calculating finance amounts and providing data-driven recommendations.
  • Customized AWS Config with rules and policies to ensure continuous compliance and security oversight.
  • Integrated SonarQube to automate code analysis and reviews and aid developers in identifying potential security vulnerabilities like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).

Key results

  • 70% decrease in response time for configuration deviations.
  • 99% accuracy in resource configuration tracking accuracy.
  • 98% decrease in compliance violations.

An Ultimate All-inclusive Email Management Solution

One of our esteemed clients have a new-age email client application that works seamlessly across various platforms. However, their existing application had a few challenges that impended their business:

  • Outdated features were hindering customer acquisition.
  • High cloud infrastructure costs.
  • Compatibility with numerous third-party libraries.
  • The existing setup was complex and had maintenance issues.

Solutions we implemented:

  • Enhanced features and monitoring with AWS Config.
  • Smooth transition from physical servers to Kubernetes with Amazon EKS.
  • Streamlined migration with a unified codebase for easy maintenance.
  • Integrated DynamoDB for cost optimization.
  • Implemented auto-scaling groups for responsive scaling.
    Leveraged AWS Config for resource optimization and cost effectiveness.

Key results we achieved:

  • Reduced email response time by 30% with Amazon DynamoDB.
  • Lowered infrastructure costs to 14 cents.
  • Synced 13 million daily emails via our designed infrastructure.
  • Reduced operational costs by 25% using Amazon DynamoDB and serverless logic.
  • Maintained a 95% AWS Config compliance, ensuring security standards.
    Cut down AWS Config alert response time by 70% for prompt corrective actions.

Optimize with Simform’s AWS Config Services

Simform simplifies the management and security of your AWS resource configurations. As an AWS Config SDP, we ensure that AWS Config Services meet your business needs.

Here’s how:

  • Optimizing AWS resources for efficiency and performance.
  • Ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  • Improving security by fixing AWS configuration flaws.
  • Identifying cost-cutting options through resource optimization.

Connect with us to change, comply, and secure your AWS resource setups to meet your business goals.

Hiren is CTO at Simform with an extensive experience in helping enterprises and startups streamline their business performance through data-driven innovation.

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