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Micro Frontend Architecture: The Newest Approach To Building Scalable Frontend

preview micro frontend architecture

The micro-frontend architecture has slowly but gradually gained popularity and has now become one of the most sought-after frontend development strategies. Developers appreciate the agility and freedom that comes along with this architecture and organizational stability it imparts is making life easier for CTOs worldwide. With multiple implementation strategies and tons of advantages, the micro-frontend architecture seems set to revolutionize frontend development and scaling.

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An Ultimate Guide of Web Application Architecture

Preview-Web Application Architecture

An architecture works as a foundation that defines the structure of a web application, ensuring scalability and flexibility. Investing in a well-thought web application architecture is significantly essential to future-proof your business application. In this blog, we will dive a little deeper to understand web application architecture, its importance, and the best practices one should follow to design a quality architecture.

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Component Based Development: The Definitive Guide to Making a Scalable Frontend

component-based development blog preview

Component-based development has become the go-to strategy for organizations worldwide looking forward to scale and streamline frontend development. It has revolutionized the perception of frontend development and provided the much needed acceleration to the process. This article walks you through all the benefits of component-based development and lays down the best practices for the strategy.

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Bootstrap vs. Material: Which is the True Frontend Maestro?

Bootstrap vs. Material

When you develop a web app, what is the one thing that makes it most alluring for consumers? It's the UI or User Interface. For an enhanced UI, you need an excellent frontend framework, and that is where Bootstrap and Material come into play. Which one to choose between Bootstrap and Material becomes difficult for many CTOs. For all such doubts and dilemmas, here we are with a comprehensive comparison of Bootstrap vs. Material.

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Polymer vs. React: A Complete Comparison Guide for CTOs

Have you ever wondered if there’s a master key (read perfect development stack) that opens all doors to app development and helps you build an exceptional web app? We all are guilty of it. Sadly, there is no silver bullet to easy web app development, which is why CTOs and VPs should keep an eye out on the new and upcoming frontend/backend development platforms and how organizations worldwide are using them to their benefit.

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