Transform Your Digital Customer Experience with Simform – An AWS DCX Competency Specialist

Learn how AWS DCX partners like Simform can help you leverage the full potential of AWS DCX solutions and realize a better ROI for your digital operations.

March 13, 2023
6 mins read
Last Updated July 21, 2023

Transform Your Digital Customer Experience with Simform – An AWS DCX Competency Specialist

Businesses know that investing resources into digitalization is likely to improve their sales and profits because they can use technology to reduce processes, boost consumer interaction, and spur innovation. That’s why the investment in direct digital transformation is forecast to skyrocket over the next few years, reaching a stunning $7 trillion by 2023.

To help businesses in their digitization journey, AWS has taken the initiative named DCX(digital customer experience) competency. Under this program, the company highlights top AWS partners who have proven expertise in providing digital customer experiences to their clients.

Simform is proud to announce that AWS has chosen us as a DCX partner. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of DCX, its key areas, why you should work with an AWS DCX partner, and how Simform achieved the AWS DCX competency. But first of all, let’s start with knowing the significance of the AWS DCX competency.

Simform, an AWS DCX(digital customer experience) partner is one of the premier cloud consulting companies in the industry. We have a team of 50+ AWS experts who can help you in every step of your digitization journey. Contact us today to leverage the potential of digitization for your business.

What is the significance of AWS Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Competency

Finding the right partners to help you in your digitization journey can prove to be a problem. The AWS DCX competency program aims to solve this problem. As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) program, the DCX competency recognizes the expertise and capabilities of AWS partners in providing exceptional digital customer experience solutions.

With the DCX competency, AWS partners demonstrate their proficiency in designing, building, and implementing customer-focused solutions that leverage AWS services. From content management to marketing automation to data analytics, DCX Competency Partners offer comprehensive solutions for all your digital customer experience needs.

Unlock the Potential of Digital Customer Experience for your Business with Simform’s AWS DCX Competency Partnership

Simform’s achievement of the AWS Digital Customer Experience (DCX) competency vets our competence in providing reliable digital solutions to our clients and aids them in their digitization journey. This latest recognition adds to Simform’s impressive track record of collaborating with AWS, including accomplishments such as

  • APN immersion Days Partner
  • AWS Well-Architected Partner
  • Amazon RDS delivery Partner
  • Amazon CloudFront Delivery Partner
  • Amazon Lambda delivery Partner

We have 50+ AWS certified individuals on staff who help us execute complex cloud engineering tasks with ease. These achievements showcase Simform’s commitment to providing exceptional cloud-based solutions that drive business success for their clients. Why does this achievement matter for your business and why should your business work with Simform? What’s in it for you? Let’s look at this in the next section.

Benefits of working with Simform as a AWS DCX Competency Partner

So why work with an AWS DCX Competency Partner? For starters, these partners are experts in their field, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality digital customer experience solutions. Here are some of the other key advantages of working with an AWS DCX partner like Simform.

1. Expertise and guidance

We at simform being an AWS DCX partner are experienced professionals who can provide guidance on how to optimize your digital customer experience. They can help you identify areas for improvement, offer best practices, and recommend solutions to enhance your customer engagement and satisfaction levels.

2. Faster time-to-market

In business, time is money, and by working with an AWS DCX partner like Simform on your side, you can save a lot of time. We can help you set up the solutions that you require, integrate them with your existing systems, and start testing and optimizing your digital products faster.

3. Cost-effective solutions

The Simform experts can help you find cost-effective cloud solutions that fit your budget. They can help you identify areas where you can save money and provide solutions that are more affordable.

4. Scalability

The Simform team can help you scale your digital customer experience as your business grows. We can recommend solutions that can handle higher volumes of traffic, provide a better performance, and ensure a seamless experience for your customers.

5. Resilience

As an AWS DCX partner, Simform will build resilient systems for your business. From fault tolerance to automatic scaling to using multiple availability zones and implementing security measures, the Simform team will make sure your app stays up and running, no matter what the world throws at it.

6. Observability and Monitoring

AWS DCX partners like Simform can leverage tools like CloudWatch, X-Ray, Managed Services, and third-party solutions to monitor and observe your apps. By doing so, we can help you stay on top of issues cropping up in your system and optimize its performance for a smooth customer experience.

7. Security

The Simform engineering team can ensure high security in their solutions by implementing various security practices. We can use AWS IAM, Amazon VPC, and encryption protocols to properly segment networks and protect data. Furthermore, we can leverage Amazon GuardDuty to detect and respond to security threats in real time. Additionally, AWS DCX partners like Simform can make use of AWS’s compliance frameworks to ensure their solutions meet industry-specific security and privacy standards, enabling organizations to maintain regulatory compliance and safeguard customer data.

AWS DCX Competency – Key Areas

The AWS DCX competency covers five key areas, including content management, marketing automation, e-commerce solutions, mobile & web solutions, and data analytics, providing businesses with comprehensive solutions for their digital customer experience needs. Let’s have a brief look at these key areas.

1. Managing content

As an AWS competency partner Simform leverages solutions for Content Management to empower your business to the author, create, manage, and deliver web content seamlessly across multiple digital channels. By choosing to work with an AWS DCX partner like Simform you gain access to easy-to-use tools and a global network of experts. This will help you ensure a rich and engaging experience for your customers.

2. Automation in Marketing

Looking for innovative ways to attract and retain customers? AWS DCX Competency partners like Simform can help. We at Simform leverage marketing automation technologies provided by AWS to streamline your marketing efforts. Whether it’s automation in email, video, event management, personalization, account-based marketing, or more, Simform can help. With our expert guidance and cutting-edge AWS tools, your business can deliver targeted and personalized experiences that drive customer engagement and loyalty.

3. Digital Commerce

Transform your digital commerce experience by choosing to work with Simform, an AWS DCX Competency partner. Simform will provide end-to-end support for deploying commerce solutions across multiple channels, from web and mobile to social and voice. We will integrate features like integrated product catalogs, inventory management, shopping carts, payment systems, and compliance, in your solution. This will help you create a seamless and secure shopping experience that drives sales and customer satisfaction.

4. Customer 360

Get a complete view of your customers and take your business to the next level with Simform’s expertise in delivering AWS DCX Competency Partner Solutions for Customer 360. Using these solutions, our experts will help you to turn your customer data into actionable insights with features like visitor and conversion tracking , social analytics, customer segmentation, campaign performance and attribution, customer lifecycle analytics, and marketing ROI analysis. With powerful AWS tools and expert guidance of Simform, you can deliver a personalized experience that drives engagement, loyalty, and revenue growth.

5. Mobile and Web Application Development

Elevate your digital customer experience with Simform’s competency in delivering AWS DCX Competency Partner Solutions for Mobile and Web Application Development. Using these solutions our engineering team can create engaging and seamless mobile and web-based experiences for your customers. From easy-to-use templates to cutting-edge technologies, we can help you bring your vision to life and delight your customers on any device.

How Simform achieved the DCX competency

The AWS DCX competency is a significant milestone for us. This is because it enables Simform to demonstrate our expertise in providing customer-centric digital solutions using AWS services.
AWS has an elaborate process for assessing partners who want to get the DCX competency.
All potential DCX participants must fulfill a series of requirements mandated by AWS. The AWS evaluation team conducts the following assessments:

  • The Amazon partner solution architects evaluate the technical documentation related to the case studies submitted by the DCX participant.
  • Review of the potential partner’s AWS architecture, its configuration, and whether security best practices have been followed in the project.
  • A review of the exact features and functionalities provided in the solution.

These evaluations make sure that a given solution’s architecture, deployment, dependability, security, infrastructure scaling mechanisms, and operational processes are adequate to function according to the client’s expectations.

Amazon ensures that the potential partners have extensive AWS knowledge and offer the best AWS solutions according to the needs of the project while granting the certification. As a part of the review process, Simform submitted 4 case studies to prove its expertise in providing DCX solutions to its clients. Here is a brief overview of the case studies that we submitted.

Online Live auction platform

A European live auction platform came to us with the following challenges.


  • Lack of insights from data.
  • No system that can scale up or down according to the business requirements.


  • Simform provided detailed analytics by integrating mParticle, a customer data platform, and analyzing the user data to boost conversion rates.
  • Simform helped the client achieve high scalability by building a stable and scalable system using Amazon Web Services. To achieve this, Simform suggested an ECS EC2-based containerized managed service and a load balancer configuration to ensure zero downtime during live auctions and events.

Key results

  • Improved engagement rate by 5%
  • Increased the revenue by 60%
  • Built a highly scalable and stable system

An on-field monitoring app for an audiovisual client

Our client is a North American giant in terms of audiovisual and conferencing solutions. The company wanted us to build a digital solution that allowed it to monitor and streamline the activities of its on-field sales and service staff.


  • The process of tracking the activities of field technicians was inefficient as it was a manual, paper-based one.
  • Needed a highly Scalable and reliable system.
  • Wanted email bounce reports.


  • Our system eliminated communication errors between the admins and the field workers and helped field workers report instantly without wasting time on paperwork. The data loss and duplicate entries were eliminated, and the workflow was automated.
  • We designed a modern tech stack based on AWS services. In addition, the system had a highly scalable architecture design. This was done to ensure that the system did not break down during excessive workloads.
  • The client wanted detailed email bounce reports. So our engineering team built an innovative integrated system consisting of AWS LAMBDA, AWS SNS, and AWS SQS to generate the email bounce reports. This also increased debugging visibility for developers, allowing them to know if there were any errors in uploading files.

Key results

  • Response time reduced by 90%.
  • Built an efficient system that resulted in 60-80% of time savings.
  • Built a robust architecture that could resist spikes in traffic.
  • 18+ organizations around the United States are using the platform.

A complete digital solution for buying cars and their accessories

The client, a North American company dealing in cars and their accessories, already had an online solution that enabled its customers to buy cars and car accessories. The problem, however, was that the system was not coherent with the modern-day demands of the customers.


  • Checking the eligible customers for upgrades and generating deals for them.
  • Displaying suitable trades to upgrade their current vehicles.
  • Displaying proper finance amounts and calculations.
  • The client wanted a trade recommendation service for trades in second-hand cars.
  • For security and compliance purposes, clients wanted to audit each and every incoming request that comes into their network.
  • The client wanted to ensure the database is compliant with data protection policies to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


  • To check the eligible customers for upgrades and to generate the best deals for them, we run ETL jobs on AWS Lambda with DynamoDB as a database service.
  • The client wanted that the users who wished to upgrade their current vehicles should be shown the best trades. We used offerlogix to display the offers and Amazon RDS to store the data.
  • We use the AWS Lambda function to calculate the finance amount and return the calculations.
  • We used AWS lambda, which analyzed the data and returned recommendations.
  • We built a monitoring system to monitor every incoming request using Amazon VPC cloud, network firewall, and VPC flow log. For mitigating application layer attacks, we used a web application firewall.
  • For the database, we have used Amazon Aurora and AWS backup service to ensure data protection compliance is followed.

Key results

  • 12% more accounts created
  • 10% increase in leads
  • 3% increase in conversion rate

A scalable parking and valet management system

Our client is a well-known transportation, parking, garage management, and valet service provider based in North America. It wanted to create a scalable solution to maintain a full parking and valet management system for multiple users.


  • Managing a proper record of locations and parking criteria, manually scheduling parking, and allocating valet services on time was difficult.
  • The client wanted a stable system.
  • Build a highly secure system.


  • Using AWS cloud-based tools, we developed seamless user experiences across all applications.
  • We used an application load balancer to deliver a stable system. In the case of multiple requests from different users worldwide, the application load balancer distributes traffic across various targets, such as EC2 instances of ECS containers in multiple availability zones.
  • We used the Lambda@Edge Security Headers to add a security layer when content is displayed using CloudFront from an S3 bucket. For example, several users will book parking spots from various places using the app, posing a significant security concern.

Key Results

  • A 20% increase in the number of managed parking spaces.
  • The client was able to identify the best-selling parking slot and the rush hours.
  • 40% time saving realized in finding parking space using our system.

A Experience Unmatched Digital Customer Service with Simform – Your Trusted AWS DCX Competency Partner

As an Amazon DCX Competency partner, Simform serves every stage of the digital client acquisition and retention lifecycle. So whether you’re looking to increase customer engagement and loyalty, reduce customer service costs, or improve customer satisfaction and retention, the DCX competency program has you covered. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your digital customer experience – choose an AWS DCX Competency Partner like Simform and take your customer experience to new heights!

Hiren is VP of Technology at Simform with an extensive experience in helping enterprises and startups streamline their business performance through data-driven innovation.

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