Boost Your Digital Customer Experience with Simform – An AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency Specialist.

Learn how AWS Advertising and Marketing partners like Simform can help you leverage the full potential of AWS solutions and realize a better ROI for your digital operations.

March 13, 2023
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Last Updated December 21, 2023
Advertising and marketing competency

Boost Your Digital Customer Experience with Simform – An AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency Specialist.

Simform proudly announces its selection by AWS as an Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency partner. In this blog, we delve into the significance of Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency, its key areas, the advantages of collaborating with an AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency partner, and the journey of Simform in achieving this competency. Before delving into these details, let’s first understand the importance of the AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency.

Simform, a distinguished partner of AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency, stands as one of the premier cloud consulting companies in the industry. With a team of 200+ AWS experts, we are dedicated to assisting you at every step of your digitization journey. Contact us today to leverage the potential of digitization for your business.

What is the significance of AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency

Finding the right partners to help you in your digitization journey can prove to be a problem. The AWS DCX competency program aims to solve this problem. As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) program, the DCX competency recognizes the expertise and capabilities of AWS partners in providing exceptional digital customer experience solutions.

With the DCX competency, AWS partners demonstrate their proficiency in designing, building, and implementing customer-focused solutions that leverage AWS services. From content management to marketing automation to data analytics, DCX Competency Partners offer comprehensive solutions for all your digital customer experience needs.

Boost the Potential of Digitization for Your Business with Simform’s AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency Partnership

Simform’s achievement of the AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency vets our competence in providing reliable digital solutions to our clients and aids them in their digitization journey. This latest recognition adds to Simform’s impressive track record of collaborating with AWS, including accomplishments such as

  • APN immersion Days Partner
  • AWS Well-Architected Partner
  • Amazon RDS delivery Partner
  • Amazon CloudFront Delivery Partner
  • Amazon Lambda delivery Partner

We have 200+ AWS certified individuals on staff who help us execute complex cloud engineering tasks with ease. These achievements showcase Simform’s commitment to providing exceptional cloud-based solutions that drive business success for their clients. Why does this achievement matter for your business and  why should your business work with Simform? What’s in it for you? Let’s look at this in the next section.

Benefits of Working with Simform as a AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency

So why work with an AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency Partner? For starters, these partners are experts in their field, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality digital customer experience solutions. Here are some of the other key advantages of working with an AWS partner like Simform.

Expertise and guidance

We at Simform being an AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency partner are experienced professionals who can provide guidance on how to optimize your digital customer experience. They can help you identify areas for improvement, offer best practices, and recommend solutions to enhance your customer engagement and satisfaction levels.

Faster time-to-market

In business, time is money, and by working with an AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency partner like Simform on your side, you can save a lot of time. We can help you set up the solutions that you require, integrate them with your existing systems, and start testing and optimizing your digital products faster.

Cost-effective solutions

The Simform experts can help you find cost-effective cloud solutions that fit your budget. They can help you identify areas where you can save money and provide solutions that are more affordable.


The Simform team can help you scale your digital customer experience as your business grows. We can recommend solutions that can handle higher volumes of traffic, provide a better performance, and ensure a seamless experience for your customers.


As an AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency partner, Simform will build resilient systems for your business. From fault tolerance to automatic scaling to using multiple availability zones and implementing security measures, the Simform team will make sure your app stays up and running, no matter what the world throws at it.

Observability and Monitoring

AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency partners like Simform can leverage tools like CloudWatch, X-Ray, Managed Services, and third-party solutions to monitor and observe your apps. By doing so, we can help you stay on top of issues cropping up in your system and optimize its performance for a smooth customer experience.


The Simform engineering team can ensure high security in their solutions by implementing various security practices. We can use AWS IAM, Amazon VPC, and encryption protocols to properly segment networks and protect data. Furthermore, we can leverage Amazon GuardDuty to detect and respond to security threats in real time. Additionally, AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency partners like Simform can make use of AWS’s compliance frameworks to ensure their solutions meet industry-specific security and privacy standards, enabling organizations to maintain regulatory compliance and safeguard customer data.

AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency – Key Areas

The AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency encompasses crucial aspects of advertising and marketing strategies, offering a comprehensive suite of services and solutions. Let’s delve into the key areas under this competency:

Audience & customer data management

Create a holistic understanding of your consumers by leveraging AWS and Simform’s partner solutions for identity resolution and customer 360. These tools empower businesses to consolidate and analyze customer data effectively, enabling a deeper understanding of audience behavior and preferences.

Privacy-enhanced data collaboration

Collaborate confidently with leading brands, media publishers, and partners such as Simform, using purpose-built services on AWS. These solutions prioritize privacy-enhanced data collaboration, ensuring secure and compliant sharing of consumer data. This commitment to data protection builds trust with customers while fostering meaningful partnerships.

Ad intelligence & measurement

Accelerate your data science initiatives by minimizing the time spent on data engineering. AWS provides access to a broad spectrum of analytics and machine learning capabilities in the cloud, enabling advertisers to derive meaningful insights and measure the impact of their advertising campaigns with efficiency.

Ad platforms

Leverage AWS’s unparalleled compute capabilities and fastest processors in the cloud to run ultra-low latency advertising workloads. The extensive selection of compute resources ensures unmatched cost-performance, allowing businesses to optimize their advertising strategies and deliver impactful campaigns.

Digital customer experience

Transform the digital customer experience by delivering personalized interactions at scale. AWS offers purpose-built services and collaborates with over 90 partners to provide a diverse array of tools, enabling businesses to tailor their marketing efforts and enhance customer engagement on digital platforms.

How Simform achieved the Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency

The AWS Marketing and Advertising Competency is a significant achievement for us. It allows Simform to showcase our proficiency in delivering customer-centric digital solutions utilizing AWS services tailored for marketing and advertising purposes.

AWS has a comprehensive evaluation process for partners seeking to attain the Marketing and Advertising Competency. Potential participants must meet AWS’s specific requirements, and the AWS evaluation team conducts thorough assessments, including:

  1. Evaluation of the technical documentation related to the marketing and advertising case studies submitted by the partner.
  2. Review of the partner’s AWS architecture, its configuration, and the implementation of security best practices in marketing and advertising projects.
  3. Assessment of the features and functionalities offered in the marketing and advertising solutions.

These evaluations ensure that the architecture, deployment, security measures, scalability, and operational processes of the solution align with the unique requirements of marketing and advertising clients.

Amazon guarantees that potential partners possess in-depth knowledge of AWS and deliver top-notch AWS solutions tailored to meet the demands of marketing and advertising projects when granting the certification. As part of the review process, Simform submitted 4 compelling case studies to demonstrate our expertise in providing marketing and advertising solutions that excel in the AWS ecosystem. Here is a concise overview of the 4 case studies we submitted.

A complete digital solution for buying cars and their accessories

At Simform, we developed an end-to-end customer data insights solution for our client using AWS services. Our team crafted a secure and efficient analytics platform with AWS ECS, Lambda, and DynamoDB. We integrated Amazon Connect for enhanced customer interactions and utilized Amazon RDS and DynamoDB for data management. Our solution led to a 20% increase in customer satisfaction, 80% first interaction resolutions, and 85% customer satisfaction ratings, showcasing our expertise in leveraging AWS for superior advertising and marketing analytics.

An eCommerce marketing solution

At Simform, our AWS expertise revolutionized the client’s marketing approach. We integrated AWS services like EKS and KMS, enhancing data security, scalability, and real-time monitoring. This strategic implementation led to a 30% boost in advertising ROI, significant cost savings, and deeper customer insights, showcasing our proficiency in AWS advertising and marketing.

An AI-powered marketing platform

At Simform, we showcased our AWS advertising and marketing prowess with the AI -marketing platform, transforming its infrastructure and enhancing data collaboration. Our AWS EKS integration and cost-management strategies led to a 25% reduction in infrastructure costs, a 50% faster feature release time, and a 75% increase in capacity, demonstrating our expertise in leveraging AWS for optimal marketing solutions.

A next-gen automotive platform

At Simform, we elevated our client’s auto dealership marketing by designing a 360-degree analytics platform using AWS. Our solutions included AWS Glue for ETL operations, Amazon QuickSight for dynamic dashboards, and Amazon Kinesis for real-time analytics. We achieved 1 million data syncs daily, improved conversion rates by 3%, and maintained high customer satisfaction, demonstrating our expertise in AWS-powered advertising and marketing solutions.

Simform – Your Go-To AWS Advertising and Marketing Competency Partner

As a recognized AWS Advertising and Marketing Competency partner, Simform excels in every facet of digital marketing and customer engagement. Our expertise lies in harnessing AWS’s powerful tools to enhance advertising effectiveness, optimize marketing spend, and boost customer engagement. Whether you aim to refine audience targeting, amplify campaign performance, or deepen customer insights, our proficiency in AWS Advertising and Marketing solutions positions us to meet these goals. Trust Simform to propel your marketing initiatives to the forefront with cutting-edge AWS technologies, driving unparalleled results in the competitive digital marketplace.

Hiren is CTO at Simform with an extensive experience in helping enterprises and startups streamline their business performance through data-driven innovation.

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