Accelerate Business Growth with an AWS DevOps Competency Partner

Accelerate Your Business Growth with Certified AWS DevOps Partners.

April 26, 2023
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Last Updated July 21, 2023
AWS DevOps competency achievement

Accelerate Business Growth with an AWS DevOps Competency Partner

DevOps has emerged as a critical methodology for businesses looking to leverage the power of the cloud to achieve agility, scalability, and reliability in their IT infrastructure. It streamlines deployment processes, accelerates time-to-market, and improves overall quality.

Simform’s recent achievement of AWS DevOps competency demonstrates our expertise in delivering scalable and reliable business solutions that accelerates digital transformation for our clients.

In this blog, we’ll show how our competency can revolutionize cloud infrastructure and drive business growth and innovation for businesses.

At Simform, we provide cutting-edge AWS DevOps services that empower businesses worldwide with efficient and innovative solutions. As a leading DevOps service provider, we are committed to leveraging our expertise and skilled development teams to help you streamline your software development processes, reduce time to market, and improve product quality. Get in touch with us today and let us help you take your software development processes to the next level.

How Simform’s AWS DevOps competency achievement catalyzes your business

AWS DevOps Competency is a certification that recognizes a service provider’s ability to implement DevOps techniques on AWS. The accreditation signifies a high level of expertise and customer success in implementing DevOps practices on Amazon.

Working with a DevOps competency partner can bring numerous benefits to businesses. A competency partner offers a wide range of knowledge and expertise in implementing DevOps practices on AWS. They can help businesses achieve agility, scalability, and reliability in their IT infrastructure, which is critical in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

By working with a DevOps competency partner, businesses can streamline their processes, reduce costs, and improve the quality of their software development, testing, and deployment.

Simform’s AWS DevOps Competency certificate cements the company’s proficiency in DevOps techniques. This expertise assures companies that Simform can assist them in utilizing the most recent DevOps techniques and tools to produce scalable and trustworthy solutions that foster corporate growth and innovation.

How did Simform achieve DevOps Competency?

As an AWS Partner, we, Simform, have achieved the prestigious DevOps Competency status by demonstrating our extensive experience in delivering DevOps practices on AWS. Our journey towards achieving this elite status involved showcasing our technical expertise in designing, building, deploying, and maintaining AWS-based applications using DevOps principles.

To attain the DevOps Competency, we had to meet rigorous AWS technical validation criteria and provide evidence of successful customer engagements and references. We showcased our ability to help businesses implement continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices, automate infrastructure provisioning and management, and monitor application performance and security.

Simform submitted four case studies that demonstrate our expertise in providing DevOps solutions to our clients. Here is a brief overview of these 4 case studies

Online live auction platform

A startup that wanted to disrupt the online auction space in Europe approached Simform. It was a live auction platform that allowed the buyers and sellers to transact in memorabilia like rare cards.


  • Limited global accessibility
  • Lack of an auto-scalable infrastructure


  • Improved global accessibility using Amazon Route53 for DNS management.
  • Implemented AWS CodePipeline for fast and reliable applications and infrastructure updates.
  • Deployed the backend application on a scalable and stable Amazon ECS (EC2-based) system with zero downtime.
  • Used Application Load Balancer was used to support advanced request routing features based on parameters like HTTP headers and methods, query string, host, and path-based routing.

Key results

  • Achieved faster and more reliable deployments with the new CI/CD pipeline.
  • Improved development process with automated testing and deployment processes.
  • Reduced time and resources needed to manage deployments, resulting in cost savings.


On-field monitoring app for an audiovisual client

An audiovisual and conferencing solutions provider based in North America engaged Simform to develop a digital solution to monitor and optimize the activities of their sales and service staff working on-field.


  • Manually managed infrastructure, which made it challenging to manage as the number of services and users increased.
  • Difficulty in maintaining security and compliance status.
  • The client wanted to leverage the cost-saving benefits of AWS to reduce their development and QA environment infrastructure costs.
  • Slow development process due to the time it took to provision new infrastructure.


  • Implemented Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using AWS CDK, reducing the time it takes to provision new infrastructure for the client.
  • Implemented security measures like AWS WAF, network firewalls, AWS Config, GuardDuty, and Security Hub to protect client’s infrastructure from potential security threats.
  • Employed cost-saving measures such as leveraging spot and reserved instances for development and staging infrastructure, reducing the cost of client’s infrastructure without compromising performance or availability.
  • Improved security by setting up AWS WAF, firewalls, and AWS Config and implementing GuardDuty and Security Hub to identify and remediate potential security threats.

Key results

  • Reduced infrastructure provisioning time from 4-6 hours to just 1 hour.
  • Achieved a 40-50% reduction in infrastructure costs for non-production environments

Car sales platform with a lifetime warranty

We assisted a leading car sales platform, which offers users the ability to buy, rent, lease, insure, and upgrade new or used cars with lifetime warranties covering the engine, transmission, and drivetrain. The company faced the following challenges:


  • Manual infrastructure management
  • Difficulty in managing infrastructure as the number of services and users increased
  • Difficulty in maintaining the security and compliance status.


  • As part of our DevOps services, we set up the core platform infrastructure for the client using AWS CDK
  • Established a CI/CD pipeline to streamline the infrastructure provisioning process.
  • Implemented various security measures, like implementing AWS SecurityHub and AWS WAF, to protect the infrastructure from potential security threats.
  • Used AWS autoscaling to provide a scalable solution that can scale up or down based on incoming traffic/load.

Key results

  • Reduced infrastructure provisioning time from 4-6 hours to 1 hour by implementing Infrastructure as Code (IAC) using AWS CDK.
  • Achieved a 40-50% reduction in infrastructure costs by using cost-saving measures such as spot and reserved instances for non-production environments.
  • Improved the security and compliance status of the infrastructure by implementing security solutions such as AWS Security Hub, AWS WAF, network firewalls, AWS Config, and AWS GuardDuty.

Scalable parking and valet management system for a service provider

A transportation service provider in the U.S. wanted to create a scalable solution for maintaining a full parking and valet management system for multiple users.


  • Limited infrastructure scalability due to growing demand resulting in slow load times and poor performance.
  • Manual deployment processes lead to delayed releases and a higher risk of downtime.
  • Inefficient monitoring and alerting processes resulting in missed alerts and longer downtime periods.


  • Automated the client’s infrastructure provisioning and management using AWS CloudFormation for easy scalability based on demand.
  • Implemented a CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins hosted on an AWS EC2 instance to automate the deployment process.
  • Implemented AWS CloudWatch for monitoring and alerting, setting up custom dashboards and alarms for various metrics and events related to the application and infrastructure.

Key results

  • Improved infrastructure scalability based on demand, resulting in faster load times and improved performance for multiple users.
  • Automated deployment process for faster releases and reduced downtime risk.
  • Improved monitoring and alerting processes, reducing downtime periods and missed alerts.

Delivering Unmatched Business Value with Simform’s AWS DevOps Services

Achieving AWS DevOps Competency is a massive milestone for any service provider. Simform’s recent attainment of this competency showcases our expertise in delivering scalable and dependable business solutions that can expedite digital transformation for our clients.

As a DevOps competency partner, we can offer businesses the necessary know-how and proficiency to execute DevOps practices on AWS, streamline their processes, reduce expenses, and enhance the quality of their software development, testing, and deployment. So contact us and propel your business ahead with our AWS DevOps services.

Hiren is CTO at Simform with an extensive experience in helping enterprises and startups streamline their business performance through data-driven innovation.

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