Secure Web App Experience With an AWS WAF Delivery Partner

Need a solid defense to secure web apps? Simform, an AWS WAF service delivery partner, can help.

August 28, 2023
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Last Updated August 28, 2023
WAF Service Delivery

Secure Web App Experience With an AWS WAF Delivery Partner

With another significant development in pursuit of delivering cloud computing excellence, Simform proudly announces the achievement of the AWS WAF service delivery partnership. Being one of the first AWS WAF SDP partners to achieve this milestone, Simfom has demonstrated its expertise and excellence in delivering top-tier AWS WAF solutions. i

AWS WAF services have been fortifying the security of web applications across business applications. Implementing the firewall, configuring the security policies, and ensuring secure data access can be complex, but with our AWS WAF expertise, you can protect your web application from exploits while also saving time with managed rules.

The recognition of AWS WAF service delivery partner is a testament to our expertise in delivering secure web app solutions and customizing AWS WAF services for several businesses. This blog is a gist of our journey towards achieving this designation, demonstrating how Simform helped clients achieve top-notch security in their web applications.

Simform provides certified AWS WAF services to enhance web application security, improve compliance, block malicious traffic, and secure sensitive information. Our certified experts enable businesses to secure cloud resources, set custom firewalls, and protect data. Connect with our AWS WAF experts and ensure higher security and monitoring for your systems.

How Simform’s AWS WAF partnership can help your business?

Simform’s AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) partnership enables higher security for your business while delivering high-performance apps. With a team of certified AWS experts, we help optimize web application security, achieve seamless traffic filtering, and ensure robust protection against malicious attacks.

Take an example of a social media web application that caters to global audiences. These users connect to different types of networks while accessing your web applications. This is why securing the web traffic to your servers and ensuring security becomes essential.

Our AWS WAF expertise lets you secure traffic user data and ensure compliance with information regulation standards. Similarly, enterprises with multiple web applications across cloud environments can ensure enhanced security by leveraging custom rules and RBAC designed by our AWS WAF experts.

With advanced AWS WAF services from Simform, you can control pervasive bot traffic that consumes excess resources, skews metrics, and causes downtime. Further, you can rate-limit scrapers, scanners, and crawlers. We help you define custom rules and manage rule groups that secure web applications from unauthorized data access.

How Simform achieved AWS WAF delivery partnership?

Simform is a digital product engineering company with a team of AWS-certified experts who help us deliver efficient AWS solutions to a diverse clientele.

As a multifaceted AWS partner with competencies spanning several domains, Simform leverages many AWS best practices to offer robust solutions. Simform’s dedication to ensuring security and delivering high-performance web applications while complying with compliance standards has been vital in achieving the AWS WAF partnership.

Our AWS WAF experts have a deep understanding of web security principles, vulnerabilities, and cyber threats, which include,

  • Cross-site scripting(XSS)
  • Distributed Denial of Service(DDOS)
  • SQL injection attacks
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Insecure deserialization
  • Cloud security misconfiguration

Our  teams analyze systems and design custom rules which enable better control of different AWS product’s responses to HTTP requests, including,

  • Amazon CloudFront distributions
  • Amazon Gateways APIs
  • Load balancers
  • AWS AppSync
  • GraphQL APIs

Simform’s prowess to enable businesses to create a web access control list(ACL) for distributed AWS resources through a centralized approach makes security management easier. Our experts help businesses design web ACLs with custom rules and set default actions to allow or block data access requests.

The customer success stories are central to our AWS WAF delivery partnership. These stories exemplify how we empower businesses to secure web applications with AWS WAF. Let’s examine the customer success stories that helped us attain the AWS WAF service delivery partnership.

A scalable parking and valet management system

Our client uses a cloud-based parking management platform to centralize parking management, improve user experiences, and increase revenue.


  • Securing and maintaining higher availability for web applications was complex.
  • Web applications were vulnerable to cyber threats and malicious traffic due to weak security systems.
  • The lack of real-time visibility into user behavior was a roadblock for data-driven decision-making.
  • Managing infrastructure security on the cloud was inefficient, leading to errors in parking reservations and valet services.
  • There was a need for robust code that is secure, highly available, and requires infrastructure that is cost-effective for execution.


  • Implemented a robust security system for web applications and APIs leveraging AWS WAF expertise. This ensured the web apps were secure against cyber threats like DDoS attacks, SQL injections, and XSS.
  • Successfully established a secure and reliable architecture for microservices that facilitates integration with third-party services.
  • Enabled secure online payments with a robust payment management system, allowing users to add several payment methods.
  • Ensured secure traffic flow for client’s web applications by configuring custom AWS WAF rules and filters.
  • Implemented rate-based rules in AWS WAF to enhance control of total requests per individual IP addresses and potential overloads.
  • Provided multi-tenancy support using AWS CloudFormation with enhanced data privacy and security.
  • Set up frontend service on CDN network serving data privately to an Amazon S3 bucket with the backend services running on Amazon ECS to manage infrastructure cost-effectively.
  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC) between ECS tasks and RDS enhanced security and data segregation.
  • Implemented an AWS ECS service container as a service (CAAS) platform for minimum resource utilization and  AWS cloud formation to automate network resources.

Key results

  • Secure infrastructure that auto-scales based on demand
  • 10x increase in Mean Time To Recover (MTTR)
  • Successful multi-tenancy implementation with enhanced data security.
  • 99% uptime with reduced DDoS attacks and web exploits

A complete car and car accessories buying solution

Our client has built a car and car accessories buying platform for purchasing, leasing, insuring, and upgrading vehicles from over 30 automobile brands.


  • Building an efficient and secure multi-tenant solution which is secure.
  • Gaining insights on eligible customers for upgrades and generating deals without violating data privacy.
  • Configuring a recurring process for marketing and nurturing the leads with enhanced data security.
  • Displaying accurate finance amounts and calculations without compromising user data.
  • Building a trade recommendation service for trades in second-hand cars with sensitive data protection.
  • Audits for every incoming access request that comes into their network for better data regulation compliance.
  • Ensuring database compliance with data protection policies and regulatory requirements.
  • Secure configuration of the AWS resources and environment for better compliance state and real-time alerts on violations.
  • Making infrastructure management less error-prone.
  • Remote access to AWS resources integrated with their existing SSO.


  • Implemented a robust security system with AWS WAF to protect web applications and APIs from cyber threats and common web exploits.
  • Developed a secure system for insights on eligible customers and lead generation using AWS ECS and AWS WAF.
  • We used Offerlogix with AWS ECS and Amazon RDS to show users the best trades for car upgrades.
  • AWS Lambda functions were utilized to calculate finance amounts and return results to users with custom AWS WAF rules for enhanced data protection.
  • Used AWS WAF to protect against DDoS attacks and prevent system downtime due to overwhelming traffic.
  • Implemented AWS WAF rules and filters to block harmful requests and allow only valid traffic.
  • Simform was able to detect and resolve security incidents proactively with real-time monitoring and alerts.
  • Customized security policies were created using AWS WAF to meet application requirements and security needs.
  • Implemented measures to filter and inspect incoming web traffic, ensuring that potential threats are blocked, and our users have a safe experience.
  • By utilizing AWS WAF, we created a secure solution that can adapt to the client’s changing needs.

Key results

  • 40-50% reduction in development and staging costs
  • System downtime decreased by 3X
  • Faster provisioning with infrastructure as code
  • 80% reduction in false positives
  • 90% of malicious traffic was blocked

Enhance Your Web Application Security on the Cloud With an AWS WAF SDP Partner

Simform is an AWS WAF service delivery partner with expertise in delivering security solutions for cloud-based web apps. We help businesses with security and resilience, leveraging AWS WAF best practices for their web apps.

Our team of experienced AWS professionals is fully equipped to provide a tailored WAF solution that perfectly fits your unique requirements. Whether you’re looking to secure sensitive data or create custom rules to monitor web traffic for your web applications, we have covered it.

With Simform’s help, you can:

  • Secure API integrations
  • Improve compliance with data protection regulations
  • Set custom AWS WAF rules
  • Enhance infrastructure monitoring

Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your web application security needs.

Hiren is CTO at Simform with an extensive experience in helping enterprises and startups streamline their business performance through data-driven innovation.

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