Simform Achieves AWS Service Delivery Partnership for Amazon OpenSearch   

Organizations often struggle with search capabilities in their apps. Here is how Simform, an Amazon OpenSearch Delivery Partner, can help.

October 5, 2023
3 mins read
Last Updated October 05, 2023
Amazon Opensearch service delivery

Simform Achieves AWS Service Delivery Partnership for Amazon OpenSearch   

Simform is delighted to announce a significant milestone in our journey towards delivering top-tier cloud computing solutions. We are now an Amazon OpenSearch Delivery Partner, recognizing our deep expertise and proven success in leveraging AWS to solve complex cloud engineering challenges.

This Delivery Partner recognition comes after years of experience in migrating, implementing, optimizing, and managing OpenSearch on AWS across diverse industries and use cases. In this blog, we will share how we achieved this recognition, highlighting client success stories as concrete examples of our expertise in Amazon OpenSearch.

Accelerate time-to-insight across your organization with Amazon OpenSearch Service. Our team of certified AWS professionals can help you design, implement, and manage OpenSearch clusters tailored to your specific needs. Connect with our experts for a free 30-minute consultation call.

Efficiently search, analyze, and visualize data on AWS with Simform

Organizations that choose to adopt Amazon OpenSearch often encounter face challenges. These include the complexity of configuring and maintaining OpenSearch clusters, which require expertise in cluster optimization. Additionally, migrating data from existing systems can be daunting, as the process carries the risk of data loss or downtime. Partnering with Simform, an Amazon OpenSearch specialist, can alleviate these burdens and ensure a smoother adoption process

With a team of 150+ AWS-certified professionals, Simform provides expert guidance in cluster setup, data migration, and ongoing maintenance. We also help organizations achieve specific OpenSearch objectives like:

  • Optimized OpenSearch performance: Our AWS experts optimize OpenSearch performance through query optimization, indexing strategies, and caching mechanisms.
  • Scalability and elasticity: We employ auto-scaling, load-balancing, and containerization to ensure your OpenSearch cluster can effortlessly handle increasing workloads and adapt to changes in traffic.
  • Security enhancements: We implement role-based access control (RBAC) and regularly audit and monitor your OpenSearch clusters for vulnerabilities.
  • Customized monitoring and alerting: Our experts set up comprehensive monitoring and alerting solutions and configure thresholds and triggers to proactively detect and address issues before they impact your system’s performance.
  • Data pipeline integration: We can integrate OpenSearch with your data pipeline to ensure seamless data ingestion, transformation, and enrichment.
  • High availability and disaster recovery: Our experts use replication, snapshotting, and failover mechanisms to ensure high availability for the OpenSearch cluster.

You can seamlessly integrate OpenSearch with other AWS services for enhanced data analytics and real-time insights. For example, we can help you,

  • Configure Lambda functions to trigger actions based on OpenSearch search results.
  • Set up real-time data streaming using Amazon Kinesis and OpenSearch.
  • Enable OpenSearch to index and search data stored in S3 buckets.
  • Set up monitoring and alerting through CloudWatch for OpenSearch cluster health.

Our OpenSearch expertise comes from years of successful implementation and optimization of this versatile service for organizations across industries. This track record has played a crucial role in our achievement of Amazon OpenSearch Delivery Partnership.

How Simform achieved the Amazon OpenSearch Delivery Partnership

The process to become an Amazon OpenSearch Delivery Partner is rigorous, requiring deep technical expertise and proven customer success. We demonstrated extensive hands-on experience with complex OpenSearch deployments on AWS and passed technical reviews of architecture design, performance optimization, operational excellence, and security.

Our proven track record in crafting robust OpenSearch architecture, deep understanding of indexing and querying techniques, and proficiency in optimizing search performance and managing clusters have helped us earn the Amazon OpenSearch Delivery Partnership.

As your tech partner, we’re committed to offering the same excellence that secured our AWS partnership, ensuring your OpenSearch clusters remain agile, resilient, and primed for growth.

Here are some client success stories that reinforce our position as a trusted Amazon OpenSearch service provider.

An ultimate all-inclusive email management solution

Newton is an email management application that uses cloud infrastructure and works across platforms like macOS, Android, iOS, and Windows.


The product owners needed to rapidly add new features to Newton for improved customer acquisition, integrate it with multiple third-party libraries, address high cloud infrastructure costs, and overcome maintenance complications in their existing infrastructure.


Using various AWS resources with meticulous configuration management through AWS Config, we successfully enhanced the platform’s features to boost engagement. We also strategically implemented and optimized Amazon OpenSearch to upgrade the search functionality. This facilitated faster and more precise email and data retrieval, ultimately improving user acquisition.

The migration from physical servers to Kubernetes was seamlessly executed and orchestrated through Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). For cost optimization, we integrated DynamoDB to benefit from its serverless capabilities and dynamic load balancing. We also implemented auto-scaling groups to deal with shifts in demand.

Key results

  • 30% reduction in email response time
  • Reduced the cost of the existing infrastructure to 14 cents/indexing user/month
  • Synchronized 13 million emails daily
  • 25% reduction in operational costs
  • 25% increase in data retrieval speed
  • 20% increase in user engagement

A bespoke recruitment platform for the hospitality domain

Virgil, a tech company specializing in employment solutions, partnered with Simform to modernize their hospitality recruitment platform.


Virgil wanted to modernize their existing platform to improve code performance. They needed to speed up the bulk job posting process and build a match-making engine to parse resumes rapidly. Lastly, they wanted to improve analytics and needed a customized solution for further visibility into the ROI.


We re-architected the system on microservices, allowing the services to be decoupled and the application to be fail-safe. We also containerized the system with AWS Fargate for seamless scalability. Our developers implemented a queuing mechanism for submitting job postings. This checks for job posting notifications regularly and acts on them instantly.

We also used Amazon OpenSearch to enhance data search capabilities. It improved analytics capabilities, empowering Virgil with deeper insights into data. Lastly, we created centralized data storage through OpenSearch, facilitating streamlined data access and analytics for improved efficiency.

Key results

  • Significantly improved the scalability of the platform
  • Enhanced application performance, resulting in an increased number of users
  • Ensured handling of 600,000 users daily without compromising performance
  • 60% reduction in search query response times
  • 45% reduction in data indexing time, enabling real-time updates and faster access

Improve the search functionality and data analysis in your systems with an Amazon OpenSearch partner

Businesses can no longer afford outdated data systems. By partnering with Simform, an Amazon OpenSearch Delivery Partner, companies can accelerate insights and innovation. Our solution architects design a seamless migration strategy tailored to your tech stack and our engineers implement a high-performance OpenSearch architecture on AWS, leveraging scalability and security best practices.

Our AWS-certified experts can help you with:

  • Industry-leading expertise in Amazon OpenSearch implementation
  • Seamless setup and management of data analytics pipelines
  • Interactive visual dashboards for informed decision-making
  • Comprehensive insights into system performance with logs, metrics, and traces.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your OpenSearch goals.

Hiren is CTO at Simform with an extensive experience in helping enterprises and startups streamline their business performance through data-driven innovation.

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