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With Broadcom’s acquisition and the shift to a subscription-based licensing model, businesses are facing higher license costs and more frequent audits, pushing them to look for alternative solutions. Many organizations are considering moving their VMware workloads to AWS to benefit from the cloud platform’s scalability and cost-efficiency.

Though migrating to AWS is beneficial, it comes with its own challenges, such as a lack of in-house AWS expertise, tight budgets, and disruption risks.

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Simform has successfully migrated thousands of workloads to AWS, consistently staying on budget and schedule. Our cost optimization strategies combined with a security-focused approach ensure your VMware workloads are migrated cost-efficiently and with minimal disruption to your business operations.

VMware migration using the AWS MAP program

Simform uses MAP to help customers migrate to the cloud with tools that reduce costs and accelerate execution. It includes tailored training and content, while using a proven three-phased framework to aid migration.

VMware Migration Journey Using the AWS MAP Program

VMware workload eligibility

VMware Workload Eligibility

How Simform can help you migrate

cloud assessment services

Assessment services

Simform performs Operational Licensing Assessments (OLAs), provides expert licensing recommendations, and determines optimal instance sizing. This is how we deliver personalized modernization guidance for a seamless transition to AWS.

Expert training & enablement

We conduct hands-on workshops, upskill your teams, and develop comprehensive training plans. Additionally, we facilitate technical immersion days and provide practical labs to prepare your team for the migration.

Scalable team

Project modernization work

Our AWS experts set up your AWS landing zones, implement robust security and governance measures, and develop an efficient operating model. This process creates a detailed migration and modernization plan tailored to your specific needs.

Managed AWS services

We provide ongoing workload management, implement operational best practices, and help you adopt modern architectures and DevOps strategies to optimize your AWS environment for long-term success.

AWS DevOps services

Leverage our AWS Cloud expertise

Native App Development

VMware inventory discovery

Our experts use the AWS Migration Evaluator to evaluate your VMware environment thoroughly. We analyze your VMs, applications, and dependencies to create an inventory and identify workloads suitable for migration to AWS native services.


Migration planning and strategy

We create a tailored migration plan, prioritizing applications based on dependencies and requirements. You get recommendations for the most appropriate migration approach for each VMware workload, such as lift-and-shift, refactoring, or re-platforming.

Business Analysis

App refactoring and modernization

If modernization is required, our AWS Solution Architects devise a strategy for refactoring VMware applications to AWS native services. This optimizes architecture, enhances scalability performance, and integrates with AWS services.

Pay as you go

Cost management and optimization

Our experts leverage AWS funding programs such as MAP and promotional credits to reduce initial costs. Plus, we use AWS Cost Explorer and Trusted Advisor to monitor and optimize ongoing expenses, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient use of AWS resources.

Reduced application latency

Migration execution

During execution, we provision AWS infrastructure, configure networks and security, and securely migrate data and applications. Our experts also perform thorough testing to ensure the migrated VMware workloads run efficiently in the new environment.

Enhanced implementation flexibility

Security and compliance

We prioritize secure migrations by implementing a multi-layered security approach. This includes using secure data transfer protocols, encrypting data in transit, and enforcing strict access controls for the migration environment.

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