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Simform’s AWS Immersion Day Workshops are designed to train your technical teams to best leverage the AWS platform. Get direct access to hands-on labs, presentations, resources, and more!

AWS Immersion Days

What is an AWS Immersion Day workshop?

AWS Immersion Days are the day-long workshops developed by AWS Solutions Architects. It can be conducted in-person or virtual to help organizations walk through different areas of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Simform offers full-day, practical workshops that cover many areas such as database migration, cloud, serverless, containers, artificial intelligence, edge services, and more.

Our AWS experts deliver valuable insights by presenting the content developed by AWS Solution Architects. In addition, we strive to teach our customers how to easily access the features and get the most out of these learning sessions.

Who should attend
Simform’s Immersion Day Workshops?

Our AWS-certified Solution Architects have designed in-depth workshops to give practical knowledge and experience to AWS customers that cannot be learned by just reading the documentation. Our understanding and extensive experience will help organizations maximize the business value from AWS environments. These sessions focus on leveraging the AWS platform and services to meet the critical objectives and business outcomes. 

Participants from different verticals of your business can attend these workshops, such as IT stakeholders, cloud architects, members of cloud engineering teams, and development teams. 

What can you expect from
AWS Immersion Days Workshops?

AWS Immersion Days Workshops are unique and consist of practical experiences shared by our certified AWS architects and consultants. These hands-on labs are focused on core AWS services, including Amazon EC2, Virtual Private Cloud(VPC), AWS Identity Access Management(IAM) policies, and a broad range of use cases. 

  • Faster access to the AWS cloud, its features, and learnings of essential topics
  • A deeper understanding of AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3, and Amazon DynamoDB
  • Access to best practices for designing modules for cloud infrastructure 
  • Exposure to AWS-certified experts and chance to have an open discussion
  • Opportunity to learn and experiment in a secure environment

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Simform’s approach

Our approach to the AWS Immersion Days is a mix of learning and unlearning the practices you’ve or haven’t been implementing for years. Simform’s simplistic approach to AWS Immersion Days Workshops aims to achieve maximum ROI and detangling complexities that hinder your success from the cloud. 

unmatched quality

Virtual programs 

Our AWS certified experts will conduct the in-depth sessions based on the topics selected by you following the initial telephonic discussion on use cases and your business objectives. 

Scalable team

Pick up the core topics. 

Let us know a core topic of discussion of your choice, and we’ll be present with essential tutorials and a general conversation around the topic of your choice.

delivery mindset

Virtual exercises

We understand that learning is not done until it is tested, and for that reason, we keep a reserved set of exercises for you to perform on short-lived AWS environments.

Clear communication

Initial discussion

We onboard you on this session with a set of instructions on what to bring and how to be prepared for the day-long sessions. This ensures that you are confident and ready to dive in. 

AWS Immersion Days x Simform

AWS Database Migration Service(DMS)

AWS Database Migration Workshop is a deep dive into migrating data to and from widely used databases using the AWS database migration service and AWS schema conversion tool.

The workshop comprises the best practices that aid in migrating homogeneous and heterogeneous migration between different database platforms such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon Aurora, Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon S3, and so on.

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Containers Immersion Day workshop comprises hands-on labs on Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, ECR services. Attendees will receive a deep dive understanding of running containers into a production environment. Also, we’ll focus on discussing the use cases of Container and Docker. 

Practice launching the Amazon EKS cluster, preparing EKS for the Mysfits, deploying the monolith, and building and deploying more microservices with EKS and AWS load balancer controller in AWS Containers Immersion Day workshop.

AWS Landing Zone

AWS Landing Zone helps customers quickly and securely set up multiple AWS accounts, an AWS environment based on the AWS best practices. However, the configuration of multiple accounts takes a significant amount of time and services that require an in-depth understanding of AWS services. 

In this workshop, you will get information about everything AWS Landing Zone offers. In addition, it will teach security practitioners about monitoring the security of your AWS accounts with different scenarios. 

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Data Engineering

Get acquainted with hands-on lab and modules focussing on ingestion, hydration, exploration, and consumption of the data lake in AWS.

This workshop is designed specifically to cover topics around AWS Big Data solutions, AWS Data Migration services for batch data ingestion, Analytics services including Amazon Kinesis, other services like AWS Glue and Amazon Athena.


An in-depth technology workshop on AWS Serverless Computing is a great start to your cloud journey. Get hands-on experience and guided workshops on building serverless applications and microservices using AWS services. 

Shift your focus from a traditional server-based setup to creating more sophisticated applications using popular AWS services such as Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Kinesis, and more!

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Serverless Data Lake

Serverless Data Lake Day workshop is designed to assist you with ingesting, storing, transforming, and creating insights on unstructured data using AWS serverless services. 

Practice using AWS serverless services, including Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3,  Amazon Athena, and AWS Glue, to build a serverless data lake and study the modules focussing on data ingestion, storage, and analysis in a data lake in Amazon. 

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