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Why your Architecture demands
the Well-architected Framework?

Like any other type of engineering, the foundation decides the quality of what is built on top of it. Speaking of software, its architecture is the foundation of the entire system.

In a traditional development environment, architectural decisions are often backed by onetime events, with no more than a few major versions of the architecture during its lifetime. However, as a business and its context evolve, these initial decisions hinder the system’s ability to meet the technical requirements of an ever-changing business.

Moreover, if the architectural decisions are based on guesswork, without sufficient testing at the production scale, combined with time-consuming manual processes and a lack of thought to how architectural requirements change over time, things are bound to fail. This is why you need a Well-Architected Framework.

Unlike other software assessments, WAR helps your team to learn best practices for architecting and operating a reliable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective system on AWS. Ultimately, this helps businesses build systems that adapt to the evolving requirements and take advantage of innovations as a standard practice.

Simform recommends WAR because the process of software architecture assessment is a constructive conversation among the stakeholders about architectural decisions. Most importantly, it’s not just an audit mechanism. From our years of experience, we confidently vouch that a well-architected system helps businesses achieve greater success.

Six pillars of AWS well-architected framework

Integrating the six pillars of AWS architecture in your technology solutions ensures expected outcomes and builds a robust foundation for resilient and efficient systems.

Clear communication

 Operational Excellence

 Achieve operational excellence that supports the development and running of workloads effectively. 

Scalable team


 Protect your data and systems using security principles that implement a robust identity foundation.

business centric


Weave in the design principles of reliability in architecting workloads to make them perform at their highest capacity.

eminent expertise

Performance Efficiency 

Embrace a data-driven approach and build high-performance architecture by taking advantage of evolving AWS cloud.

unmatched quality

Cost Optimization

Implement financial management that delivers the business value at the best price by adopting principles that measure overall efficiency and analyze expenditure.

delivery mindset


Address the long-term environmental impacts of running the workloads on the cloud and apply the design principles that reduce these impacts.

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Our WAR process

Connect with AWS experts

The first step is to connect with our AWS solution architects and know the critical areas that need attention. Here, you will be exchanging information and read access to AWS accounts with our experts to assess the architecture, security policies, information distribution, and other potential configurations.

Call it a casual interaction with the AWS experts, not a formal review meeting.

Unit testing
Functional testing

Meeting stakeholders

The second step is to involve your stakeholders and team members of the infrastructure team to discuss issues with the existing architecture.

A 2-4 hour discussion will take place between Simform’s technical team and your internal team to understand the environment and dependencies, a walkthrough of the framework, and a solid overview of how well your existing architecture is aligned with the AWS best practices.

WAR Report

Later, we’ll give you a detailed well-architected review report consisting of current findings and areas of improvement based on the level of risks involved. This will set the foundation for prioritizing the actual tasks.

Then, it’s time to decide, involve vital people, and set priorities. Be it security compliance you’re missing on to or optimizing workload performance; you have the action plan ready.

Integration testing
non functional testing

Implementation stage

AWS encourages creating a business value rather than giving your time to fix recurring issues. Start implementing the best practices recommended by AWS experts as soon as your review is done, within a week or two.

It gives you a clearer picture of before and after the inspection. Take note of what you learned, what improvements were uncovered, and how findings helped you get the more significant advantage. 

The Follow-up

After 30-60 days of your actual review, we’ll follow up to determine that the implementations conducted are working fine and have improved the architecture. Also, AWS encourages to get the assessments done from time to time as architectures evolve and you have new functionalities and features with time; it needs an update.

The good news is, with Simform and AWS, you have the opportunity to take advantage of AWS funding programs for your assessments. 

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