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Fill In Rx: A pharmacy staffing solution

Category: Healthcare, Medical

Services: Mobile Application Development, Custom Software Development

fill in rx


Takes only a few clicks to hire.


Matches the best pharmacists for the job.


Iterations based on real-world testing results.


Fill-In-Rx wanted to roll out a solution that would remove the middlemen between pharmacy owners and pharmacists to enable easier interaction between the two to fulfill regular and on-demand staffing needs.

  • They wanted the pharmacy owners to be able to reach out to multiple candidates and choose the best one without the need of having a call or an in-person meeting.
  • They wanted pharmacists to be able to easily apply for and take up posted shifts on the marketplace.
  • They wanted the entire process to be extremely simple and seamless for either parties to undergo.


We approached this project with a carefully laid out plan such that it absorbs end-user feedback for the best possible experience while making sure we stay true to the best software development practices.

  • We followed agile development method to build the platform with monthly sprint approach so that clients can get feedback from real pharmacy owners and pharmacists on what is built.
  • We developed a native iOS and native Android application which enabled the pharmacy managers/owners to hire the right pharmacist and enabled pharmacist to take-up posted shifts.
  • We designed an intelligent matchmaking algorithm which matches people according to their skills, experiences and availability.

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