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More than 50 million Americans have not undergone a vision screening or any eye test in the last 2 years. Out of them, 6.4 million people are found affected with vision impairment and they experience uncorrectable symptoms like trouble seeing, inability to focus, drive, double vision et al.

Visibly wanted to create a digital platform which could be an alternative to the traditional lab coat and lens approach for diagnosis. It’s mission was to revolutionize eye care industry by creating the first of its kind online eye exams. These set of exams would help customers get glasses prescription right from their computers or tablets, instead of seeing a doctor in person.


Rapid development and quick iterations

Developing an alternative to replace something which is in place for years, requires ingenious engineering and proper research. One of the biggest challenges was to ensure 100% accuracy in an online vision screening test. When the founders of Visibly approached Simform, they wanted to check the feasibility with a quick prototype that can be used by beta testers.

Impressed with our product development track record, the Co-founders of Visibly worked with our dedicated team to develop their first version of the Visibly platform. We started public testing because of the flexibility to run multiple test cycles in a short period. This allowed us to collect the large samples that helped in checking the success rate of the vision screening test. We delivered the prototype with a 99.6% success rate which helped Visibly in raising the initial funds.