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US fitness industry growth is primarily driven by significant increase in the obese population, changing lifestyles, and increasing health concerns. According to the mobile analytics firm Flurry, health and fitness app usage in the U.S. has grown by 330% between 2014 - 2017.

Various Fitness studios are offering a personalized branded app for their members to keep them engaged & motivated to achieve their fitness goals. Yet, it is not practical for all the Fitness studios to build a custom mobile application, because of the limited budget and technical expertise. FITCOM took initiative to built a platform which can be leveraged by different health & fitness entities to create their own custom mobile app in a few days and with less cost.

Quality check and Hosting Challenges

Apps will help their clients manage workout, diet plans, supplement dosage, etc. at a single place.

Trainers, gyms and dieticians find it very challenging to use multiple apps for managing different fitness programs for their clients like workouts, yoga, meal plans et al. Even users lose their interest by keeping track of the progress in different apps.

To tackle this, Fitcom wanted to build a platform where gyms, fitness clubs/studios, physical therapy centers, dieticians et al can craft a personalized fitness app for their clients for a small monthly fee. Such apps will help their clients manage workout, diet plans, supplement dosage, etc. at a single place.

One of the major technical challenges was to build customizable packages, maintaining different instances for hosting of different whitelabled apps. Moreover, performing full QA of the customized app before it hits the app store was a tedious job.


Cost saving custom apps using White label platform

We built a SaaS platform, where fitness studios can build custom iOS and Android native apps by not just adding their logo and brand color but also adding curated workouts and nutrition plans for their customers. By utilizing Appium for automated testing, we removed the need of 1 week long manual QA cycle and reduced the deployment time to few hours with automation script.

FITCOM had great reach among different fitness entities like gyms, coaches, clubs, trainers et al, hence it didn’t take much time to get traction.