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With an active entrepreneurial community embedding innovation and technology in its diverse economy, Dallas is the next Silicon Valley ranking at #29 among the fifty fastest-growing tech hubs in the United States.

The tech-friendly city is home to industry leaders like Uber, Lyft, Salesforce, Oracle, Facebook, Palo Alto Networks, and Tesla. However, what’s also fueling the Big D’s ecosystem is its adaption to the latest technologies– Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Internet of Things. This has encouraged high-spirited, curious entrepreneurs to tap these advanced mechanisms, resulting in a myriad of opportunities for tech wizards and millennials. Additionally, the collaborative culture, budgeted real estate, no state tax environment, and an educated pool of engineering talent is attracting startups, enterprises to this goldmine of innovation.

You’ve got an idea? We’re all ears! Simform is excited to work with you as a dedicated mobile app development partner. With us, you are set to transform your dreams into sophisticated, robust, and secure mobile applications in Dallas. Our dedicated team of software architects and UX designers craft solutions that delight your users with its seamless experience.

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Mobile app development offerings

Native App Development

Native App Development Services

Native B2B and consumer apps allow you to utilize the inherent power of iOS and Android platforms with secure and performant apps.


Hybrid Cross-platform App Development Services

Utilize the power of React Native, Flutter, and Xamarin to develop apps for multiple platforms while sharing the same code base.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis & Consulting Services

Whether you are looking to 
develop business apps
 or apps to service customers, our consultants can help you define the right tech plan

Business Apps

Business Apps and API Integration Services

Integrate your mobile app(s) with services you are already using and extend their use cases for your employees and users.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Customized mobile solutions to drive your operations. For example, a CMS to organize and publish content, all in a simple screen.

Internet of Things

Apps for Internet of Things

Unlock the potential of high functioning mobile apps that interact with hardware / wearables/ IoT through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and more.

iOS App Development in Dallas

Stand out from the crowd and be the pioneer in building mobile apps that are compatible with the upcoming A14 Bionic chips of the iOS platform. We take advantage of the power of tools like Swift, Xcode, Magento, SQL, Jenkins, Unity, etc. to build fully-integrated and cloud communicative applications without affective the native performance. 

We specialize in segregating monolithic architectures and functionalities into microservices, which allows us to improve your mobile app’s efficiency and productivity in the way you desire.  Choose from various services ranging from App security, IoT wearables, Augmented Reality features from our expertise in custom iPhone app development in Dallas. We also offer creative iOS app development services in building XMPP features, iBeacons, and real-time data applications that can function with 3D Touch via serverless technologies. 

iOS App Development Simform
Android App Development Simform

Android App Development in Dallas

Convert your idea into fully-functional Android applications that have the potential to generate record-breaking user retention rates. Our team of proactive Android developers conduct their user research, user testing, and follow design thinking to align your project goals with the market demand to achieve a consumer-grade user experience. We actively participate in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) communities and conferences to stay up-to-date with the market trends. As a result, we provide your project with unique android app development in Dallas and assured compatibility in evolving Android OS versions. 

We leverage tools like .Net framework, Umbraco, Shopify, Canvas, frameworks like Node js, React, Vue, etc. to create astounding application architectures that can be scaled up and down flexibly according to your requirement. Our team’s efficiency in tech stacks like Mocha, Gatling, Hoverfly, etc. to prevent data loss, file leaks, memory leaks, and generate periodical review reports for your project quality verification at your convenience. 

Hire the best App developers around!

The best mobile app developers in Dallas

Freelance Marketplace sounds like a great idea, especially when your project is accepted by tech agencies and app consulting firms on your own terms. You speak to them about your business goals, vision, and challenges. But alas, they realise it’s out of their league, and you end up wasting a whole lot of your time.

In contrast, our goal at Simform is to bring assurance, certainty, and transparency to the mobile app development space in Dallas. Unlike most agencies, who thrive on transactional services, we introduce you with UX/UI elements that facilitate a user’s progress within the app, devise an efficient and scalable technical architecture, audit functionalities for technical problems, and offer post-launch technical support. Likewise, we upgrade your existing application so that it can handle the ever-evolving market demands and emerging technologies.

Simform is an expert mobile app development team in Dallas who leverages advanced frameworks like Python, Nodejs, .Net, Ruby on Rails, Golang, Hadoop, etc. to bring the best for your business. Our outside the box development process guarantees to deliver future-proof mobile apps. If you don’t receive what you expect from our mobile app developers in Dallas, we provide a money-back guarantee at our discretion, no questions asked.

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Simform has variety of engineers to meet our current and future demands

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Decision was made easier after reviewing their employee’s feedback

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The communication line was always open and they are very approachable

Hire the best App developers around!

Our agile development process

Discover & strategize

From the ‘Discovery’ phase, you learn about the use-cases of successes and failures for each app feature. What’s more, we designate a dedicated Customer Success Manager who creates a roadmap with weekly sprint meetings that accelerates your project, facilitates team collaboration, builds transparency, and reduces technical debt.

UX-Centric Development Approach
DevOps Culture

Research & ideation

Your mobile application is backed by user research that includes contextual interviews, usability testings, parallel design, among others. These techniques give you a fair analysis of the ideas we present and establishes a solid foundation for development from the word go.

Wireframe & prototyping

After having concluded with potential solutions, it’s time to give it a visual appeal! You receive a sketch that statically represents the interface for each functionality. These low-fidelity layouts are then translated into middle-fidelity to high-fidelity prototypes, giving you an interactive user experience of the final product.

Robust Security
Quality Assurance

Development & post-release support

With an Agile Development model, you are engaged at every step of the development lifecycle. You get a detailed roadmap that pins milestones at different intervals. This enables our teams to stay focused on the big picture and engage in regular feedback. What’s more, you receive full support from us that extends beyond the release of your application.

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