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Mobility solution for one of the largest water treatment companies

Category: Manufacturing, Electronics

Services: Managed Engineering Teams, Product Development, IoT Development, Mobile App Development, Scalable Frontend Development

Water Treatment


Integration of 100s of hardware devices.


Scalability of apps.


Regressions, crashes, and performance issues.


The main challenge was to build apps for consumers and service professionals so that they could manage an entire fleet of smart devices from their pockets.

  1. Choosing the right architecture for apps
  2. Set quality standards and match processes
  3. Work with teams across geographies
  4. Testing seamless integration remotely


Our CSM and tech leadership team understood the goals and architecture in the first few weeks. It concluded that shared understanding and team integration are the most significant success factors for cross geography collaboration.

  1. Right mobile architecture for better collaboration
  2. Custom-built components using Typescript
  3. Using Redux for application state management
  4. CI pipelines for seamless development and deployment

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