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Data-driven marketing
automation and analytics
platform for auto dealerships

Category: ISV, Sales and Marketing Tech, Automative

Services: Data Analytics and Consulting, Workflow Automaton Consulting, Infrastructure Management and Monitoring, Systems Integration, White Labeled Solution, CI/CD Implementation and Management

Marketing Automation Platform


Increased lead conversion rate.


Increased customer retention rate.


Analytics engine creation to help 1000+ car dealerships get real-time insights.


The client wanted us to build an enterprise automation platform that would help auto dealerships deliver personalized and engaging customer experiences. The enriched customer experiences would then create a loyal customer base. We were supposed to

  1. Use serverless architecture for automation
  2. Use dashboards for dynamic reporting
  3. Build an analytics engine to measure KPIs in realtime
  4. Use systems integration to run business seamlessly


After careful consideration of all the marketing platforms, we chose Mautic because of its open-source nature and flexibility. We used it to build a customized marketing automation platform tailored for car dealerships. We

  1. Scheduled ETL processing on data collected from various resources
  2. Used NLP in Tableau to get insights on raw data
  3. Helped identify lead sources and conversion rates
  4. Implemented CI/CD and testing automation for effective and better delivery

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