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Digitizing and Automating
order fulfillment lifecycle for
a leading semiconductors

Category: Manufacturing, Electronics

Services: Enterprise Application Development, Managed Engineering Teams, API Integration and System Integration, Automation Testing, DevOps Engineering



Closely monitor inventory levels of 200+ fulfillment partners and refill them proactively.


Reduction in the required lead time for order fulfillment.


Elimination of 100s of hours of manual spreadsheet work.


The client’s older process was suffocating under the burden of manual processes and checks. The client wanted us to help their order fulfillment process a digital makeover such that there’s minimal manual intervention but improved visibility. They wanted to

  1. Design architecture that easily scales
  2. Effective and quick order fulfillment
  3. Systems integration to bridge the gap
  4. Automate delivery with security in mind


We built them an automated order routing engine that was capable of handling 1000s of orders. It’s precise inventory monitoring capabilities ensured timely refills leading to streamlined operations.

  1. Live shipment tracking achieved through Shippo
  2. Rigorous vulnerability testing for increased security
  3. Foolproofing security in remote environment
  4. Implemented DevSecOps to mitigate security risks

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