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Serverless for Startups: An Evolutionary Way to Build Successful Products

Cloud June 4, 2021
Serverless Startups

A startup is always looking to improve the user experience through unique features. During the several iterations of a startup app, development and deployments need to be quick. Serverless architecture not only improves the time-to-market but offers optimal resource management allowing startups to focus on their product development. Here, we have discussed the evolution of serverless, its benefits for startups, and some of the best platforms for your business.

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A Guide on Multi-Site Management Using Headless CMS

Cloud March 30, 2021
Multi-site management headless CMS architecture

Multi-site management is known for answering the calls of business holders with the wish of expanding their business, attracting new consumers, or even increasing market penetration. While it comes with its challenges, it is a new promise to reach more consumers locally and globally, given that it is utilised in the proper manner.

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Remote (Work From Home) Survey 2021: 82% US-based Companies Offer Permanent WFH

Trending March 12, 2021

Remote working is no longer a luxury but the need of the art as far as workplaces are concerned. Many big organizations have taken the decision to allow remote working as a permanent mode of working. The question is, where do the employer as well as the employee go from here on? Let's find out that with our detailed survey on remote working that has amazing insights.

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How Emerging Technologies are Helping Fintech Grow in Boston

Trending December 18, 2020

Boston is considered one the premier cities of the world. It is gradually becoming one of the leading fintech hubs of the worlds and some of the upcoming technology trends have a key role to play in it. While the city's rich history with financial institutions and the world-class infrastructure built up a solid foundation, numerous technological breakthroughs acted as catalysts.

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React Native vs NativeScript: The Complete Comparison Explained

React native vs Nativescript preview

Due to the mobile industry’s rapid evolution, choosing the right framework between React Native vs. NativeScript is not as easy as it once was. Both frameworks have their similarities and differences in terms of functionality, development feasibility, and so on. Before settling down to choose one, you have to understand every comparison between the frameworks to ensure that the mobile app developed will have the best quality, efficiency, and fast performance at an affordable or reasonable investment cost.

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Why You Need to Build a Virtual Call Center Software?

Cloud November 24, 2020
must haves of virtual call center software

With the rise in cloud-based software solutions, the market of traditional call centers is also shifting towards a more modernized solution known as virtual call center software. This software helps in migrating all the traditional features like auto call distributor (ACD), smart routing, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to cloud-based solutions. Moreover, you can now take advantage of some advanced features like Outbound Dialer and Web-based communications that make use of VoIP and WebRTC technologies to achieve a real-time exchange.

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