Working from last 10+ years into consumer and enterprise mobility, Hardik leads large scale mobility programs covering platforms, solutions, governance, standardization and best practices.

What is Regression Testing? Explained with Test Cases, Tools, and Methods

Last Updated November 28, 2022

Regression testing is one of the types of testing that organizations conduct to verify that the core functionalities of the products are working well whenever there's an update or addition of a new element. Here, we discuss regression testing, its types, test cases, tools, techniques, and everything that is of utmost value.

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Healthcare App Development 2022: A 5 Step Conclusive Guide For You!

Last Updated November 14, 2022
Healthcare app development

Innovations in mobile app development are powering healthcare services with enhanced functions like real-time data access, telehealth, and more. It has led to widespread adoption of healthcare app development in the health industry. So, here is a conclusive guide with a tech stack, business model, revenue streams, and more to help you stay ahead in the market.

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How to Make a Streaming App: Features, Tech Stack & Cost Analysis

Software Development February 11, 2022
Last Updated November 17, 2022
streaming app development

Developing a streaming application needs consideration of several factors like features, tech stack required, and cost analysis. Considering each aspect and providing a higher user experience to your customers need proper planning, execution, testing of the product, monitoring them, maintaining performance, etc. So, here we are with a comprehensive guide on how to make a streaming app.

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