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Functional Testing vs Integration Testing: A Detailed Guide on the Differences

Software Testing & QA September 21, 2021
Last Updated September 23, 2021
Functional vs Integration Testing

Functional Testing and Integration Testing - Both testings are performed to eliminate bugs and defects in the software in order to improve the software quality. Both testing types are equally essential and complement each other but have some striking differences that you are not aware of. Therefore, we are going to provide you a detailed comparison guide on functional testing vs integration testing.

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App Development Cost in 2021 – A Definitive Guide

Mobile App Development September 17, 2021
Last Updated September 24, 2021
app development cost

If you have a brilliant mobile app idea or an existing business that requires a mobile app, the first question that pops into your mind is- how much does mobile app development cost? The only correct answer is – it depends on a myriad of factors. This guide explains all the factors that influence mobile app development cost in detail to estimate the cost. It also discusses cost breakdown for straightforward calculation, tips to reduce costs, a few ballpark estimates, and examples.

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A QA Manager’s Guide to Software Testing Methodologies

Last Updated September 16, 2021
oftware Testing Methodologies

It was during the cold January of 2016 that Google Nest Smart Thermostat had one of the epic software failures - talk about being unlucky! The incident proves that while the software development process requires meticulous planning, a testing methodology is equally crucial for delivering a quality product. So, what are these software testing methodologies, and what difference does it make to your applications?

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Everything You Need to Know About Hiring Node.js Developers

Last Updated August 31, 2021
Preview Hiring Node.js developers

With tech giants like Walmart, LinkedIn, eBay, GoDaddy, and many others adding Node.js to their tech stack and choosing it to build your server-side applications is undoubtedly a wise decision. But have you ever wondered what makes Node.js a preferred choice for 10+ years? Is it the capacity to decrease the average response time that once PayPal achieved with it or the speed and flexibility of the framework that Amazon also experienced?

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8 Essential Tips for Hiring Angular Developers

Last Updated August 31, 2021
Tips for hiring Angular developers

So, you have decided to build your front-end application with Angular. The next step is to find the right team of developers who will turn your vision into reality. But, that’s the tricky part! When hiring Angular developers, their experience and knowledge are the two most essential considerations that will ultimately determine the success of your project.

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Dedicated Development Team: Everything You Need to Know

Last Updated September 15, 2021
What is a dedicated development team

The ManpowerGroup’s Talent Shortage Survey 2020 reveals that the American tech market is largely affected by the global talent shortage, and tech positions are among the top 10 toughest roles to fill. Only 29.4% of candidates applying for the software architect position, and 39.6% of candidates for DevOps positions completely meet the recruiters’ expectations. The bottom line is that hiring qualified developers with the required skills without overspending is almost impossible.

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Serverless for Startups: An Evolutionary Way to Build Successful Products

Cloud June 4, 2021
Last Updated September 08, 2021
Serverless Startups

A startup is always looking to improve the user experience through unique features. During the several iterations of a startup app, development and deployments need to be quick. Serverless architecture not only improves the time-to-market but offers optimal resource management allowing startups to focus on their product development. Here, we have discussed the evolution of serverless, its benefits for startups, and some of the best platforms for your business.

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A Guide on Multi-Site Management Using Headless CMS

Cloud March 30, 2021
Last Updated September 09, 2021
Multi-site management headless CMS architecture

Multi-site management is known for answering the calls of business holders with the wish of expanding their business, attracting new consumers, or even increasing market penetration. While it comes with its challenges, it is a new promise to reach more consumers locally and globally, given that it is utilised in the proper manner.

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Remote (Work From Home) Survey 2021: 82% US-based Companies Offer Permanent WFH

Trending March 12, 2021
Last Updated September 07, 2021

Remote working is no longer a luxury but the need of the art as far as workplaces are concerned. Many big organizations have taken the decision to allow remote working as a permanent mode of working. The question is, where do the employer as well as the employee go from here on? Let's find out that with our detailed survey on remote working that has amazing insights.

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