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Amazon ECS Pricing: 3 Pricing models & tips to optimize costs

Last Updated December 02, 2022
aws ecs pricing

While Amazon ECS can be an excellent choice for container orchestration due to its various benefits, pricing is also a significant factor to consider. Read this article to find out how Amazon ECS is priced, its different pricing models, and the use cases of each model. The article also lists a few techniques to reduce and optimize ECS costs.

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Multi-region databases:  The why, design principles, and what does AWS offer?

Last Updated September 15, 2023

In 2019, an IT outage at Lloyds Banking Group caused hundreds of thousands of payments to become stranded. Customers had to complain about troubles transferring money on Friday morning, which got annoying. By early afternoon that day, the bank had a backlog of roughly 400,000 unprocessed payments, and it had to request customers not to resend the payments since it could result in duplication.

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AWS Lambda Provisioned Concurrency: Build High-performance Serverless Applications at Scale

Last Updated September 28, 2022
lambda provisioned concurrency

AWS Lambda provides various benefits such as scalability, cost-efficiency, high availability, and more. But it also introduces cold starts and latency, decelerating your applications’ performance. This blog discusses how Lambda provisioned concurrency reduces cold starts and improves the speed and performance of your applications.

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AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP: A Complete Comparison Guide

Last Updated October 05, 2022
AWS vs Azure vs GCP

AWS vs. Azure vs. GCP, the three vendors have cornered a major chunk of the cloud deployment market. A major dilemma that technical decision-makers in organizations who want to deploy cloud face is which cloud vendor to choose. In this blog, we have given a detailed comparison between the cloud majors to help you decide on the best cloud solution for your business.

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Top 10 Serverless Frameworks for Developing and Deploying Serverless Applications

Last Updated October 02, 2023
top serverless frameworks

Serverless frameworks make FaaS deployment easier, allowing you to spin up serverless architectures quickly. But a pool of frameworks is available today, each with unique features, pros, and cons. To help you pick the right one, here’s a round-up of some popular serverless frameworks discussed with their features and use cases.

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