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Best Practices for SaaS Migration to AWS: Lessons Learned

Last Updated March 18, 2024
best practices saas migration to AWS

SaaS migration comes with its unique challenges. But due to its numerous benefits, many enterprises migrate to SaaS, preferably with AWS as the cloud partner. To help maximize the benefits of AWS and deliver robust SaaS solutions to your customers, this blog discusses the best practices you can follow to navigate the path of SaaS migration to AWS.

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Crashing Apps, Buffering Streams, and Fuming Fans: FIFA WC 2022 Streaming Saga

News January 4, 2023
Last Updated July 21, 2023
FIFA WC 2022 Streaming Saga

FIFA World Cup 2022 was a massive spectacle in viewership and marketing revenue. Unfortunately, such an enormous scale of events caused much chaos for some of the apps streaming this global event. This article analyzes those apps from a performance engineering point of view, highlights the reasons for their crash or lags, and tries to provide possible solutions.

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Agile Adoption Statistics: How is Software Development changing?

Last Updated January 25, 2023
State of agile adoption

Agile methodology has been the go-to approach for organizations that require continuous integration of user feedback with each iteration. Choosing the agile methodology has been beneficial for many organizations providing higher flexibility, scalability and productivity. State of agile adoption shows how much is the agile adopted, what is the reason behind it and top benefits.

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Top Programming Languages of 2024: A Compilation of Key Statistics

Last Updated February 01, 2024
Top programming languages

With constant changes in the software development trends, the popularity of programming languages also undergoes significant changes. Keeping this in mind, we undertook an in-depth analysis of key technologies (consisting of 24 technologies in total) with users in 162 countries worldwide to provide a definitive source of information for the developer fraternity.

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