Optimizing costs in multi-tenant SaaS environments on AWS is often challenging. It involves strategies to use the infrastructure optimally and enhance performance. 

Using the right AWS services, configuring resources correctly, utilizing reserved resources, selecting the right pricing model & tiering strategies etc. are some of the effective ways of cost optimization. And this is exactly what we  discussed at length in this webinar. 

Watch this webinar as our AWS certified experts discuss best practices for right-sizing, auto-scaling, and managing resources to minimize costs, as well as provide valuable insights into the business value derived from metrics, analytics, and optimization.



  • Ideal SaaS vs Real SaaS Journey
  • Metrics to drive optimization – cost/tenant and resource consumption
  • Strategies for seamless cost optimization
  • Business value from – metrics, analytics and optimization
    • Right pricing strategy
    • Right tiering strategy
  • Q&A session with our experts
  • Key takeaways

Watch the Webinar!


Justin Mitchell
COO USA, Simform
Anthony McClure
Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

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