Bespoke LLMs which function as in-house experts, and improve customer satisfaction

Our AI experts manage the entire LLM lifecycle, from data preparation to model fine-tuning and deployment, for improved customer service, content creation, and process automation.

LLM development services

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Simform’s capabilities

Accelerate LLM adoption and streamline its implementation with our end-to-end LLM development services. From data annotation to model deployment, our team handles every aspect of LLM implementation, ensuring your models are trained on high-quality data, fine-tuned for your specific use cases, and seamlessly integrated into your existing tech stack.

Data preparation and annotation

Ensure your LLMs learn from high-quality, properly labeled data for optimal performance and contextually relevant results.

Our data engineers employ state-of-the-art data mining, ETL, and wrangling methods to ensure your data is structured, accurate, and formatted optimally for LLM training.

data preparation and annotation
LLM-powered solution development

LLM-powered solution development

Personalize customer experiences and automate workflows with purpose-built LLM-powered solutions designed for your unique needs.

We use NLP techniques and LLM architectures like GPT, BERT, and T5 to develop intelligent chatbots, content generators, and sentiment analysis tools, facilitating greater customer satisfaction.

LLM integration

Equip your existing applications with advanced language processing capabilities to enhance operational efficiency.

Our AI experts manage end-to-end LLM integration, including selecting pre-trained models, developing custom APIs, fine-tuning models for your domain, and deploying them securely and scalably.

LLM integration
LLM fine-tuning

LLM fine-tuning

Improve the accuracy and relevance of language models for your specific domain and use cases.

We fine-tune pre-trained LLMs using your proprietary data, handling data preprocessing, hyperparameter optimization, and model evaluation to deliver a customized model that meets your unique needs.

Why Simform?

With a decade of experience in building AI solutions and a gen AI-proficient team, our LLM development services augment your personnel. We craft solutions that understand the nuances of your industry, be it retail, healthcare, or finance, delivering precise, contextually relevant, and insightful responses to your domain-specific queries.

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Rigorous model evaluation

We use industry-standard automated metrics, human evaluation, and domain-specific benchmarks to ensure the highest levels of performance and accuracy of your LLM solutions.

Scalable team

Adaptive and scalable solutions

We optimize models for efficient inference and implement load balancing and auto-scaling mechanisms so your LLM solutions can adapt and scale effortlessly.

business centric

Secure and compliant deployment

We implement role-based access control to safeguard your data during large language model (LLM) training and deployment and ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

eminent expertise

LLM bias mitigation

We proactively address bias in LLMs by employing techniques such as data balancing, adversarial debiasing, and fairness constraints during model training and fine-tuning.

unmatched quality

Responsible AI framework

We follow a comprehensive Responsible AI framework with ethical considerations, transparency in our processes, and explainability of your AI models to make them trustworthy and credible.

gen ai

AI Studio advantage

Our special unit has its own engineering culture and practices aimed at experimentation and innovation. AI Studio has built proprietary libraries and AIOps tools that help us deliver better AI solutions faster.

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Jeff Petreman

Simform is real asset to the TransAction Logistics team.

Ritwik Pavan

I have been thrilled to have such a dedicated team

Justin Wollman

Simform has variety of engineers to meet our current and future demands

Danielle Beben

The communication line was always open and they are very approachable

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