Building Custom Fleet Management Software: Complete Guide with an Emphasis on Emerging Technologies

This ebook is a comprehensive suite focusing on major challenges, must-have features, and how to build a custom cloud-based IoT solution with key technological cornerstones.

Custom Fleet Management Software

Chapter 1: Introduction to Fleet Management and its Challenges

Fleet owners face many challenges, most commonly includes, improving operational efficacy, enhancing drivers’ safety, regulating compliance, maintaining vehicles and resources, and increasing productivity in back-office operations. This chapter discusses each one of these in detail and helps you understand how technology can assist you to solve these problems. 

  • How to drive more operational efficacy?
  • How to optimize fuel expenditure?
  • How to integrating FMS with other business softwares?
  • Vehicle maintenance & regulatory compliance checklist.

Chapter 2: Must-have Features in Fleet Management Software

This chapter gives you a look at what should be the must-have functionalities and features in your fleet management software. The most demanding ones include-

  • Optimum route planning and monitoring
  • Controlling and managing fuel purchases
  • Scheduling repairs and maintenance
  • Disaster management and mitigation

Chapter 3: How to Develop a Fleet Management Software

This final chapter discusses how to develop custom fleet management software with suggested software architecture, database selection, and frontend & backend technology. It also dives into how one can customize the software to track drivers’ activity, address security concerns, improve customer experiences with IoT-enabled solutions, centralize control over fleets, spatial operations, and more.  

  • Role of IoT & cloud in fleet management
  • Remote management & monitoring 
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality 

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