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How to Make a Streaming App: Features, Tech Stack & Cost Analysis

Software Development February 11, 2022
Last Updated November 25, 2023
streaming app development

Developing a streaming application needs consideration of several factors like features, tech stack required, and cost analysis. Considering each aspect and providing a higher user experience to your customers need proper planning, execution, testing of the product, monitoring them, maintaining performance, etc. So, here we are with a comprehensive guide on how to make a streaming app.

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15 Web Development Trends in 2023

Software Development November 12, 2021
Last Updated October 16, 2023
Web Development Trends

The web development industry is growing rapidly and revolutionizing the way businesses interact. Hence, it’s become crucial for businesses to keep an eye on the latest technology trends in web development to stay ahead in this competitive market. Here, we will walk you through the list of the latest web development trends that can help businesses increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

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