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How to Avoid AWS Lambda Cold Starts?

Cloud June 1, 2021
Lambda Cold Start Solution - Preview

Cold start has been one of the key issues related to AWS Lambda functions. When serverless ecosystem came into the picture, people believed that it reduced the burden of developers, However, with the cold start issues, developers have their work cut out. Here, we have provided the ways to avoid/prevent AWS Lambda cold start.

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Comparing Nodejs vs Java: Your Backend Tech Stacks Explained

Nodejs vs Java preview

If you want to compare two powerful backend technologies: Node.js vs. Java and are also excited to read about how Netflix migrated from Java to Node.js, read this article. It will introduce you to why Java is still relevant in the times of modern and scalable Node.js. And what are the areas where Node.js outperforms Java? and that will help you decide on the backend technology for your next project.

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21 Foolproof Ways To Optimize Checkout Page and Reduce Cart Abandonment

eCommerce August 20, 2020
checkout page preview

The checkout page is a critical junction of the customer journey. A strategically-built checkout page can boost the conversion rate and bring the cart abandonment rate down. This article gives you actionable tips and strategies to put things in order. We break down the four primary facets of a perfect checkout page- design, convenience, payment, and trust, and tell you can upgrade your checkout page for all the four departments.

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Top 8 eCommerce UX Strategies to Improve Conversion Rates

eCommerce June 24, 2020

User experience is often the differentiating factor between eCommerce businesses. While everyone is aware of the benefits of a pleasant eCommerce UX, most find it difficult to introduce the same on their online store. There are multiple facets to an awesome shopping experience and this blog is going to take through all of them. Continue reading to find out how you can improve customer satisfaction, and therefore sales, by improving the user experience.

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