Maitrik leads the Digital Enterprise team at Simform. Under his leadership he helps businesses leverage digital transformations through advanced digital and customer experience strategies.

App Usage Statistics 2022 that’ll Surprise You (Updated)

Last Updated January 04, 2023

The number of smartphone users is exponentially growing. Yet, the users’ behavior with mobile apps is a mystery. We know users keep their mobile in proximity and check them often. However, a high percentage of these users are likely to unlock their smartphones without having any specific purpose in mind. Having opened the smartphone “appnostically,” ...

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Unlocking the Secrets of Outsourcing: Tales of Triumph and Tragedy from Startup Land

Last Updated August 14, 2023
Outsourcing Lessons

Outsourcing has become a real game-changer for startups and enterprises. It offers many benefits, like saving costs, accessing diverse talent, and speeding up product development. But let's be real, outsourcing can be pretty tricky and comes with its fair share of risks and challenges. That's why, we are here to equip you with valuable insights for outstanding outcomes in your outsourcing initiatives.

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