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No-code vs. Low-code vs. High-code: An Ultimate Showdown of the Web Development Method

Last Updated December 01, 2022
No-code vs. Low-code vs. High-code

No-code and low-code platforms provide rapid development, but there are limitations of customizations, integrations, and extensibility. On the other hand, high-code development offers high-level customizations with better extensibility. So, the question is which one to choose. Here are all the answers on what to choose and when between no-code vs. low-code vs. high-code.

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Agile Adoption Statistics: How is Software Development changing?

Last Updated January 25, 2023
State of agile adoption

Agile methodology has been the go-to approach for organizations that require continuous integration of user feedback with each iteration. Choosing the agile methodology has been beneficial for many organizations providing higher flexibility, scalability and productivity. State of agile adoption shows how much is the agile adopted, what is the reason behind it and top benefits.

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Software Development Best Practices for High-Performing Teams in 2023

Software Development September 20, 2022
Last Updated January 02, 2023
Software development best practices

What comes to your mind first when you hear the word software development? Complex commands, coding standards, algorithms, and data structures. Right? The code written with strange symbols and characters sometimes seems like an alien language. But the truth is - leading software engineers recommend writing code that is easy to understand.

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Waterfall vs. Agile: A Distinction Between the two Methodologies

Last Updated September 07, 2022
waterfall vs. agile

The sequential process of the waterfall approach is the conventional format for developing software. However, you don't have the luxury of adapting the software according to changing customer demands. Fortunately, agile offers the flexibility and agility to adapt to customers' requirements. So, which one to choose? Here is the comparison

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