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Fuel Management System: An Efficient way to manage Fuel Consumption using Telematics

Managing a fleet is a challenge. You need to take care of insurance, vehicle maintenance, compliance with government regulations, etc. Amongst all these challenges, the biggest one is - monitoring your fuel costs. You may ask, why? Well, research shows that 24% of your total fleet costs is spent on fuel, which is a quarter of your total expenditure!

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6 Key Emerging Technologies in Fleet Management You Need To Know

Emerging Technologies in Fleet Management

Modern day fleet owners face a whole new range of challenges that didn't exist before. The cutthroat competitions and logistical challenges posed by the pandemic don't make things any easy, as well. In this article, we introduce you to some emerging technologies that are well on their way to be the game changers for the fleet management industry. Read more to find what they are and how they can help your fleet.

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How to Estimate Custom Software Development Costs for your Projects?

custom software development costs costs

Custom software has garnered more attention in recent years than off-the-shelf software. They are scalable, flexible, and offer a much more personalized experience. But, there is always confusion among CEOs and CTOs on the cost of custom software development? Here, we discuss different factors that can affect custom software development costs and the average price in the market.

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Custom Software vs Off-the-shelf: Best Approach for Business Growth

custom software vs off-the-shelf software

Custom Software is built according to user requirements while off-the-shelf software is the readymade software that can be used immediately after purchase. Choosing the right one for your organisation can sometimes leave you in a difficult situation. In such a case, knowing just about the pros and cons is not enough. In this blog post, we have tried to explain, which is better for business growth - custom software or off-the-shelf? Let us explore.

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