Simform Achieves Service Delivery Partnership for AWS Control Tower

Looking to optimize setup and governance of multiple AWS accounts automatically? Here is how Simform, an advanced AWS Control Tower partner, can help.

November 29, 2023
3 mins read
Last Updated March 19, 2024
AWS Control Tower SDP

Simform Achieves Service Delivery Partnership for AWS Control Tower

Simform has recently achieved an AWS Control Tower Delivery Partnership, highlighting our proven expertise in leveraging Control Tower to automate multi-account environment management. With over 200 AWS-certified experts, we have delivered secure and reliable cloud solutions for startups and enterprises alike.

In attaining this milestone, we have demonstrated in-depth capabilities to design and deploy Control Tower’s guardrails, blueprints, and landing zones across complex environments. Organizations benefit from our experience accelerating cloud adoption while ensuring governance, compliance, and cost optimization.

In this blog, we share our journey of achieving the AWS Control Tower Delivery Partnership and how Simform has assisted numerous organizations in managing multiple AWS accounts efficiently.

Enhance AWS multi-account management with AWS Control Tower services. Our team of certified AWS experts can help you streamline a multi-account environment, provide well-architected design patterns, and optimize infrastructure costs. Contact our team now for a free 30-minute consultation call.

Simplify AWS multi-account environment management with Simform

Managing environments, configurations, landing zones and applying governance policies can be challenging if you have multiple AWS accounts. Onboarding new accounts also requires substantial manual effort. Simform brings order to multi-account chaos with AWS Control Tower expertise.

For example, large enterprises like Walmart or Ikea have various departments running their workloads on separate accounts. Managing all the AWS accounts, configuring environments, and ensuring uniform organizational performance requires centralized management.

Leveraging our AWS Control Tower solutions, you can centrally manage your organization’s AWS accounts. Simform’s AWS-certified team helps define guardrails and landing zones that ensure uniform adherence to best practices like the Well-Architected Framework. Strategically orchestrated automation helps set up new accounts pre-configured to your policies within hours, not weeks.

In essence, Simform’s deep AWS experience helps architect tailored governance models and full-lifecycle automation aligned to every organization’s specific needs. And our AWS Control Tower Delivery Partnership designation validates this experience.

How Simform achieved AWS Control Tower delivery partnership

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Simform helps organizations solve complex cloud challenges and accelerate business growth.

Simform attained AWS Control Tower Delivery Partnership status by demonstrating deep expertise and a proven track record (through case studies and more) in delivering data governance and managed AWS services.

These case studies demonstrated the tangible benefits that our collaboration with AWS Control Tower could bring to organizations.

You can check out some of these case studies below.

#1. A managed cybersecurity and compliance provider that offers tailored solutions globally

The client wanted to solve security challenges in a shared organization’s AWS Account structure.

The client had security issues with their existing AWS Account structure where multiple accounts were shared. The account ownership and security measures needed specific modifications to reduce the impact on other projects within the structure. 

Simform restructured AWS accounts to increase efficiency and introduced a dedicated management account to provide foundational control. This account oversees the  AWS Control Tower, User Single Sign-On (SSO), and billing consolidation.

Our AWS Control Tower experts created two organizational units(OUs) for auditing accounts, dev, stage, and production environments. These OUs facilitate software development and potential future developmental environments. Our solution holistically streamlines AWS account management, tightens security, and enables scalability for the client.

Key results

  • Reduced account provisioning time by 25% to an average of 5 days
  • Maintained a compliance score of 95% or higher across all accounts managed by AWS Control Tower
  • Cut security incidents 30% YOY with Control Tower
  • Reduced operational expenses by 20% through cost management and resource optimization
  • Scaled AWS account management by 20% yearly
  • Cut manual tasks by 30% through automation

#2. A trusted digital marketplace enabling global bidders to access expert-curated goods

The client needed comprehensive control of databases, APIs, and environments across systems.

The client sought to develop a comprehensive control system for their databases, APIs, and environments across systems. Further, they also needed a unified data repository for their platform with configuration uniformity across AWS accounts. Scalable infrastructure and custom notifications for each configuration change were also essential requirements.

Simform leveraged AWS Control Tower to develop a centralized governance and management hub for comprehensive control. Our team used AWS Control Tower CF StackSets to record configuration changes for all accounts and created a unified resource. We also configured multiple accounts to enforce policies standardizing configuration changes using AWS Config.

To customize notifications for configuration changes, we used a CloudWatch Rule to forward notifications from a local SNS topic to a security topic via AWS Control Tower templates. Our team used AWS RDS, Autoscaling, AWS EKS, and AWS Lambda functions to create a scalable infrastructure.

Key results

  • Cut account onboarding effort by 30%
  • Reduced 45% of manual lookups through a centralized single dashboard.
  • Created a unified repository, reducing database costs by 30%

Enhance governance and automation of workflows with AWS Control Tower Delivery Partner

Simform goes beyond meeting the usual automation and governance challenges to provide a holistic solution that improves your organization’s business agility. We achieve this by implementing AWS best practices complemented by our deep expertise in delivering adaptable applications.

Whether you want to automate account management, secure workloads, or scale operations, we provide AWS Control Tower capabilities that meet your requirements.

With Simform’s help, you can:

  • Manage multi-account environment
  • Federate access to accounts using AWS SSO
  • Centralize logging and configuration management
  • Ensure cross-account security audits and monitoring

Contact us today to learn how we can help you manage your AWS resources for higher ROl.

Hiren is CTO at Simform with an extensive experience in helping enterprises and startups streamline their business performance through data-driven innovation.

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