Manage Database for Enhanced Performance with Amazon DynamoDB Partner

Need a multi-tenant infrastructure management solution? Here is how Simform, an Amazon DynamoDB Partner, can help.

September 4, 2023
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Last Updated September 05, 2023
Amazon DynamoDB

Manage Database for Enhanced Performance with Amazon DynamoDB Partner

Simform proudly announces the achievement of the Amazon DynamoDB service delivery partnership, solidifying our extensive expertise in cloud computing.

Being one of the first Amazon DynamoDB delivery partners to attain this milestone, we take pride in delivering top-tier Amazon DynamoDB solutions.

Amazon DynamoDB services enable organizations with optimized NoSQL database management, built-in data security, and efficient system performance.

Managing large-scale application data across multiple regions requires specific measures, but with our expertise in Amazon DynamoDB, you can ensure seamless app performance.

The recognition of Amazon DynamoDB service delivery partner signifies our expertise in delivering scalable NoSQL database management solutions that ensure seamless performance across multiple regions.

This blog provides an insight into our journey of achieving Amazon DynamoDB delivery partnership designation and how Simform has helped several organizations with seamless infrastructure management.

Simform offers certified Amazon DynamoDB services to enhance database management, improve operational efficiency, accelerate data accessibility, and secure sensitive data. Our certified professionals facilitate businesses in leveraging cloud resources, customizing database architectures, and safeguarding vital information. Contact us for more details on our Amazon DynamoDB services.

How Simform’s Amazon DynamoDB partnership can help your business

Partnering with Simform, you can take advantage of DynamoDB’s efficient scaling capabilities, ensuring your applications can smoothly handle a surge in workloads without worrying about provisioning, patching, or replication.

Take an example of a ride-hailing service provider app that needs to store, process, and secure user data. Managing such high volumes of data across cloud environments and ensuring governance requires effective NoSQL solutions.

With our AWS-certified team’s expertise and DynamoDB’s managed NoSQL database service, we can help you maintain a cost-effective infrastructure in accordance with your unique business needs. Partnering with Simform ensures you leverage the full power of Amazon DynamoDB, ultimately driving your business growth.

How Simform achieved Amazon DynamoDB delivery partnership

Simform specializes in digital product engineering with a team of AWS-certified experts who help deliver efficient AWS solutions to a diverse clientele. It is a multifaceted AWS partner with competencies spanning several domains.

Simform’s dedication to following AWS best practices and delivering high-performance applications while maintaining industry standards was vital in establishing our credibility as an Amazon DynamoDB services expert.

We integrate critical AWS services like Kinesis Data Streams and AWS Lambda with Amazon DynamoDB to ensure real-time insights into business operations. This has helped clients stay agile in changing market dynamics and cater to customer demands.

Let’s look at some client success stories that helped us bag the prestigious Amazon DynamoDB delivery partner recognition.

An ultimate email management solution

Our client owns an email management application that works across platforms leveraging cloud infrastructure with multiple AWS accounts.


  • The email application was burdened with obsolete features.
  • Integration with multiple third-party libraries was complex and time-consuming.
  • Operations needed more resources, which led to high cloud infrastructure costs.
  • The existing infrastructure was complicated to maintain across platforms.
  • Cloud infrastructure was spread across multiple AWS accounts, leading to management issues.


  • Leveraged AWS Config for feature enhancements, boosting engagement and monitoring.
  • Used Amazon DynamoDB’s serverless capabilities and dynamic load balancing for optimum performance.
  • Employed auto-scaling groups to respond to demand shifts gracefully.
  • Ensured consistency across multiple AWS accounts using Amazon DynamoDB’s managed database services and serverless logic.
  • Enabled real-time analytics for the email application by integrating AWS services and tools.
  • Leveraging Amazon OpenSearch, we upgraded search, boosting user acquisition with faster, precise email and data retrieval.
  • Facilitated smooth shift from physical servers to Kubernetes.
  • Orchestrated migration with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).
  • Unified codebase for perpetual code maintenance simplicity.

Key Results

  • 30% reduction in email response time
  • Reduced the cost of the existing infrastructure to 14 cents/ indexing user/month
  • Achieved syncs of 13 million emails daily for clients
  • 25% reduction in operational costs

A complete car and car accessories buying solution

Our client has created a platform for buying, leasing, insuring, and upgrading cars and accessories from over 30 automobile brands.


  • Building an efficient and secure multi-tenant solution for enhanced performance.
  • Gaining real-time insights on eligible customers for upgrades.
  • Configuring a recurring process for marketing and nurturing the leads.
  • Displaying accurate finance amounts and calculations, and ensuring effective database management.
  • Building a trade recommendation service for trades in second-hand cars, and managing structure and unstructured data.
  • Facilitating audits for every incoming access request in their network for better data regulation compliance.
  • Ensuring database compliance with data protection policies and regulatory requirements.


  • Used DynamoDB’s partition key to distribute tenant data across multiple partitions for enhanced performance.
  • Leveraged Offerlogix with AWS ECS and Amazon RDS to show users the best trades for car upgrades.
  • Implemented fine-grained access control using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles and policies to ensure secure access to tenant data.
  • Used DynamoDB Streams to capture and process real-time changes to customer data, allowing for immediate insights on eligible customers.
  • Stored lead data in DynamoDB with relevant attributes to track the marketing and nurturing process.
  • Designed schema to store both structured and unstructured data related to second-hand cars.
  • Enabled AWS CloudTrail to capture API activity across your AWS resources, including DynamoDB.
  • Analyzed CloudTrail logs to audit every incoming access request for better compliance with data regulation.

Key results

  • 40-50% reduction in development and staging costs
  • System downtime decreased by 3X
  • Faster provisioning with infrastructure as code
  • 80% reduction in false positives
  • 90% of malicious traffic was blocked

Ensure efficient database management in your applications with an Amazon DynamoDB delivery partner

Simform is an Amazon DynamoDB service delivery partner with expertise in managed NoSQL and cloud-based solutions. We help businesses with scalable, reliable, resilient systems that adapt to changing business requirements.

Our experienced AWS professionals are fully equipped to provide tailored Amazon DynamoDB solutions that improve business agility and operational efficiency. Whether you want to improve governance across multiple AWS accounts, enable real-time data insights, or manage unstructured information, we have got you covered.

With Simform’s help, you can:

  • Build efficient multi-tenant solution
  • Implement fine-grained data access
  • Ensure real-time data insights into operational issues
  • Improve database performance and compliance

Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your database management needs.

Hiren is CTO at Simform with an extensive experience in helping enterprises and startups streamline their business performance through data-driven innovation.

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