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FoodTruck Spaces: Bringing Food Trucks and Spaces together to revolutionize the food industry

Category: Food, Entertainment

Services: Web Application Development



USD food industry.


Increase in revenue upon launch.


Or less page load times.


FoodTruck Spaces wanted us to build a platform that facilitates easier interaction between food truck owners and market owners to support the growing ecosystem.

  • They wanted us to develop a tech solution which can act as an automated directory between event organizers, property owners, and food entrepreneurs.
  • They wanted it to be extremely easy for the food truck owners to locate and rent out the spaces without having to spend a lot of time on the process.
  • They also wanted various automations in place. Such as push notifications to both truck owner and space owner in case of transactions.


Our team carefully analyzed their business requirements and built a roadmap to craft a digital solution using the best engineering and development practices.

  • We designed and developed a Single page application using AngularJS where food truck owners can pre-book food truck spaces.
  • We wrote APIs with C# which interfaces with SQL server 2017 database running on Amazon RDS instance. RDS took care of all the administration work like setup, backup, patching, etc.
  • Our developers made use of Lambda function, an event-driven serverless computing platform, alongside Vonage, a communication API for sending SMS programatically.

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