Case Studies


Engaging users with a digital platform at live music festivals

…wanted to offer real-time messaging with friends without any internet connectivity, ability to get directions to a friend or any POI using a compass with distance to walk…

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Visibly - Case Study

Get your vision prescription in five minutes

…a digital platform which could be an alternative to the traditional lab coat and lens approach for diagnosis.…

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Fitcom - Case Study

Custom app solutions for health, wellness & fitness industries

…a platform where fitness clubs, physical therapy centers, dietitians can craft a personalized fitness app for their clients…

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Decora Systems

Meaningful innovation to drive Interior Designing virtually

…create virtual spaces using custom dimensions, colors, flooring, items/products…

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Sentiment based market analytics engine for portfolio managers

…an advanced research tool designed to keep investors up to date with analyzed financial news…

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Clinically validated health monitoring and fitness coaching solution

…one-of-a-kind fitness app where workouts are backed by serious science and performance is measured against many factors…

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