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65% of the sales rep says that the absence of the right marketing content reduces their ability to sell efficiently. Accent Connect, a smart content management & distribution tool, is solving this challenge by empowering today's sales teams with on-the-go access to marketing resources & quick customization features to win prospective clients and beat competitors.

Accent Technologies is a cloud-based sales enablement company that combines content delivery with data-driven sales performance management to help customers hone sales execution and improve win rates.


Customize and access marketing documents on-the-go

The main goal of any sales team is to make sales happen, and behind every transaction follows multiple sales interactions. These include a sales pitch, engaging buyers with marketing and product management material, legal documents, promotion offer templates, etc. Depending on the buyer's sales journey, the team needs to be quick in responding to prospects with relevant resources.

Without sales enablement, finding the right resource in a resource dependent sales cycle is challenging. Most resources are scattered on different platforms, which makes resource updating and its usage in sales and onboarding new team members very difficult. By identifying this gap between the sales teams and marketing departments, Accent wanted simform to develop a sales enablement tool that can give searchable resource access with customization features to the sales team on-the-go.


After working closely with Accent, we developed a smart content management & distribution tool that empowered sales teams with powerful content search, intelligent content suggestions, and instant access to resources from anywhere.

After Accent Connect was deployed into the market, it quickly became one of the four pillars of superior sales execution for Accent Technologies. The solution is performing at very high levels for retail wealth management and institutional asset management firms.