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Mission Rabies is a charity driven by a one health approach to eradicate rabies from the world by 2030. More than 60,000 people die of the disease every year, by vaccinating just 70% of dogs, we can eliminate the deadly disease. Therefore, Mission Rabies uses an end-to-end technology stack to organize mass dog vaccination programs to control the disease.

Upscaling vaccination programs by moving to an end-to-end technology stack

Mission Rabies spreads across different geographies with remote teams carrying out various vaccination programs. The absence of a central project management system became a massive hurdle in upscaling existing programs and introducing new ones.

Therefore, a central managing system that records data of vaccinated dogs, areas covered, success graphs, etc. was crucial for data-driven decision making and establishing a sustainable model.


Developing a scalable mHealth solution

We started our engagement with mission rabies by understanding use cases representative of their needs. Finalizing use cases with the agile development process took us from whiteboard to a prototype in no time. The prototype included functionalities like project management, data collection in low bandwidth areas, path tracing, reporting etc.